There was once a movie called “Field Of Dreams” and in this movie one of the
most well-known quotes was, “If you build it they will come”. When people first
started building websites on the Internet that quote was also true, but my how
things have been altered. These days if you want to get people to your websites
then you need to do proper website positioning otherwise known as SEO.

Below we are planning to cover a few simple search engine optimization
strategies that you should put in to effect on your existing websites and any
new web sites you build. Search Engine Optimization can be split up into two
separate entities. There is on page SEO as well as off page SEO. The first kind
of SEO is the on page optimization factors, this is basically the way the search
engines view your site and whether or not they feel it is a valid page to
position in their results. When it concerns off page optimization, it is just
the opposite. This is about setting up backlinks to your website. This will
additionally help to boost your spot in the various search engines.


When you are ready to start your on page SEO, you’ll find that there are a few
fundamentals that are required. The first is to determine what terms you want
your web page to get ranking for. For this example we are going to pretend that
you have a weight loss blog as well as your creating a new post and you would
like to rank for the phrase “Weight Loss Made Easy”. In order to get the
attention of the search engines immediately, make sure that the title of the web
page is the targeted keyword phrase. Then as you are making the page, you will
want to include that term in the first words of the content if possible. Some
people are unable to make the keyword phrase fit in to the first sentence and
still make it read properly. If so make sure it is in the subsequent sentence.

As you proceed to create content for that web page make sure you incorporate
that phrase in each alternate paragraph. So if the page alone has 7 or 8
paragraphs this phrase should be in no less than 4 paragraphs. Another thing
that is important is that your phrase winds up in the final paragraph, even if
you have the phrase in the section before.

Okay now that the subject material is optimized it is time to do your off page
search engine optimization. The time is right to start building back-links for
that page based on the keyword phrases you want your page to rank for. This way
when people see the keyword targeted phrase and simply click on the link they
will be on their way to visiting your website. When search engines like yahoo
see a lot of links pointing from various other websites to your site, and they
are using targeted text links, the search engines end up providing you with
better search positions for those keywords.

When it comes to building these links one of the easiest ways to do this is
through article promotion. This is where you create an article and place these
keyword targeted links in the article or in a resource box at the conclusion of
the article. Then you submit these articles to as many article sites and other
sites that will release your article content as you can find. Now your
off page search engine optimization
is done because every single time someone publishes your article from the
article directories you are receiving a backlink.


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