3 Types of Membership Sites

Written by : Roger Gonzales https://www.isobios.com

Membership sites are a great way to make money online.
You can use your expertise to easily launch a membership site that will draw
in people who will be willing to pay for what you know and what you have to
offer. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when you decide to
launch a membership site is the type of site you want to operate. There are
3 types of membership sites: Fixed term, traditional, and newsletter.

Fixed Term

The first type of membership site is a fixed term
membership site. This is the type of membership site that people join for a
specific amount of time. They might take a 6 week course or maybe they join
to be mentored for a year. After the amount of time passes then the
membership ends for good.

A fixed term site is great because you only have to
create the content once. However, the downside is that you have to
constantly recruit new members since the memberships only last for a
specific amount of time.


A traditional membership site is any type of site that
people join for as long as they want. While they are a member they continue
to receive a service or some other type of value for their membership.

A traditional site is great because you keep making
more and more money. It’s not good because there is a high cancellation


The last of the 3 types of membership sites is a
newsletter site. This is a membership that sends a newsletter to its
members. The newsletter is packed with value and is delivered on a regular
basis – weekly, monthly, etc.

A newsletter site is the least expensive and easiest
site to start up since you create content as you go. However, the downside
is that you have to keep creating new content.

The 3 types of membership sites are fixed term,
traditional, and newsletter. There are pros and cons to each type of
membership site. If you’re thinking of starting your own membership site
then the type of site you choose to operate is one of the most important
decisions you’ll make.

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