Quality score is what Google uses to decide if an ad gets
run and where it’s run. The better the quality score the higher the ad will
rank when a keyword phrase is searched for on Google. Of course the amount a
person bids for those keywords is taken into consideration too. However,
quality score counts just as much. Here are the 3 major factors for quality
score along with an explanation for each.

CTR (Click through Rate)

CTR or Click through Rate is the first major factor
for quality score. This is the amount of times someone clicks on your ad
when it appears. The higher your CTR the better your quality score will be.
So, you need to focus on getting people to click on your ad. Therefore, you
need to craft your ad in such a way that it makes people want to click on

Landing Page Quality

Another important factor for quality score is landing
page quality. The better your landing page is the higher your quality score
will be. This includes things like information that is related to the
keywords. It includes transparency on the site. It also includes having a
lot of helpful information.


The last of the 3 major factors for quality score is
relevancy. How well does your site match-up with the keyword phrase that
you’re targeting with your ad? The better it matches up the higher your
quality score will be.

Google’s goal with their ads is to serve the people
who use their search engines. Therefore, they use bid amount and quality
score to figure where and if to list ads for specific keywords and keyword
phrases. The 3 major factors for quality score are CTR, landing page
quality, and relevancy. If you work to improve these 3 areas then you will
increase your quality score and your ads will be listed higher on Google

3 Major Factors for Quality Score
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