“Want to have your copy or website PERSONALLY reviewed by the best writers on
the planet?”

This seminar is absolutely interactive… and we invite
every attendee to submit your copy or website for critique during the real-time
“Copy Gauntlet” session.

Here’s how that works: We select a handful of
submitted websites and manuscripts from attendees… and unleash my Simple Writing
System faculty writers on them. To critique effectiveness of the copy, to point
out weak headlines or sales angles… and hit the essentials they normally cover
in their super-expensive paid-consultations with clients.

Every attendee has an equal chance to be chosen for the
reviews performed during this exciting interactive session… though the EARLIER
you submit your material or website for consideration, the more time we have to
decide if you’re the one best suited for the exercise.

“Your Simple Action Plan To Murder The Competition

& Finally Dominate Your Market In 2011…

Starts Right Here:”

“Have you done all you can
to make sure your plans for 2011 are going to maximize your success … and
are simple enough for you to put into action right away?”

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2 quick ways
to crush it in 2011…

I want to
urge you to look into something coming up fast that could change the way your
entire biz future plays out.

Here’s the
story: John Carlton has the kind of credibility that makes other guru’s
nervous.  His career arc is legendary – 30 years as an outrageously-respected
copywriting and marketing go-to-guy…

… with a
reputation that includes teaching the essentials of notoriously-good sales
messages to many of the top (and most famous) online entrepreneurs in the game.

So, yeah,
when Carlton has something I think you’ll benefit from, I want you to know about

Now, imagine
this: A swarm of respected experts and Web wizards guide you in creating a
proven, step-by-step, fits-your-biz-like-a-glove, super-simple PLAN…

… that you can easily and quickly put into action…

… to demolish the obstacles holding you back and generate massive new results
and momentum.  All while transforming your biz into something monstrously
successful and more fun than you probably deserve.

It’s not a dream.

It is, in fact, exactly what John and his crew are gearing up to do… with a
select group of attendees at an utterly unique LIVE event dedicated to mapping
out the coolest, fastest and most easy-to-pull-off ways to make 2011 your best
year ever.

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Entrepreneurs, small biz owners, rookies… anyone lusting after the rewards
heaped upon marketers armed with a clear plan to meet every goal… this is
tailor-made for you.

invited to grab one of the coveted spots at this live event, too… if you don’t
fool around and miss your shot.

(Very limited space.  The last time John hosted an event like this, it filled up

what’s up:
John has assembled a jaw-dropping
faculty of brilliant (sometimes feared) and utterly hard-core masters of the
entrepreneur/small biz world…

… and they’re gathering down in sunny San Diego at the end of February…

… with one outrageous goal: To empower you to…

1. Assemble a simple plan to dominate your market and obliterate your

2. And understand precisely how to put that simple plan into ACTION.

That’s the two fastest ways to get out of the gate ahead of everyone else, and
crush it in 2011.

This event is
called The Action Seminar… and you’ve likely never encountered anything like
this before.

It is
interactive, content-rich, and focused on getting something DONE.

Get more
details here:

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You need to
see what’s up with this live event… especially if you’re freaked out by the
economy, or (worse) thinking you can maybe just wing it through 2011 and be

Don’t do

Do this
Just see what the fuss is all about with
this totally unique, interactive live gathering:

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You’ll be
among entrepreneurs and biz owners in your same situation, no matter where you

are now in your career.  Beginner, veteran needing help, or classic kitchen
table entrepreneur.

This event is focused on doing what I wished all events did (but don’t):
Deliver the goods, and help guide you in creating your own plan to make this
year your best ever.

Spots are
already being gobbled up.  You’ve still got time to act, but things are
happening fast.

Do not miss
this one-time shot at hanging with experts dedicated to helping you get your own

action plan together.

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Is today the day you
kick-start your life and biz into overdrive?

Here’s something important
that I am personally asking you to check out.

Here’s why:  Are you starting
to sense that the biz landscape is changing a little too fast for you to keep

Join the club

this is the most
common reason for feeling overwhelmed and stressed–out amongst biz owners and

… especially with a snarling
new year coming around the corner bristling with economic pitfalls and dangerous
market shifts that can eat you alive.

So… would you like to find out
how winning marketers enter a potentially gruesome new year?

The answer is simple:  They do
it… with a plan.

A simple plan that crushes
anxiety by eliminating the mysteries of what you’re gonna do next…

… and lays out a clear
“action” map to achieve every goal you desire
(Especially the goals that put piles of moolah in your pocket.)

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The vast majority of biz
owners and entrepreneurs have ZERO clues how to do any of this.

To do it right, you need
access to experienced veterans who have smacked-down the mysteries of success,
and navigated recession with a sly grin (and exploding results in spite of the
obstacles that murder everyone else’s bottom line).

This is why my good friend
(and first-choice brainstorming partner) John Carlton is hosting The Action
Seminar early in the year.  He and his gang ARE those experienced,
been-around-the-block dudes who have succeeded and prospered through multiple
economic downturns…

… simply by planning for it…
using nothing but easily-implemented tactics (and a dash of honest interactive
face-to-face advice).

And I’m inviting you to join
us (yes, I’ll be there, too):

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Right now, today, is the time
to decide to get involved here.  You can’t kick-start your life by constantly
winging it and hoping for miracles while you blunder along with your biz.

And yet, you CAN get quickly
on the fast-track to good times… regardless of where you’re at now (just
starting out, mired in bad luck, or even “stuck” by persistent biz problems)…

… with just a little bit of
focused help.

That’s where John and this
event come in.  He knows what he’s doing.  He’s been successful for decades
(starting from scratch, too)… regardless of the economy, the competition, and
all the other dire nonsense that can waylay a biz…

… and he’s offering to share
the good stuff with you here.  (With specifics, and interactive guidance you
won’t find at any other seminar, anywhere.)

If you act fast, that is.

Just see what’s up.  Hear what
others have to say about the transformation available here.

It never hurts to get the

Click Here

Make up your own mind, after
you understand what’s at stake.

I know John well.  He doesn’t
mess around, doesn’t fluff reality, and doesn’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t

It’s time to act.  Time to
make that move on your future, to finally get straight on the simple (yet
shockingly powerful) steps you can take immediately to get started.

It feels GOOD to move away
from that clueless place, where the world is a mysterious monster, unpredictable
and predatory.

The best marketers have info
and tactics you can use, quickly, to break through the stuck-points and fear and
problems holding you back.

First step:  See what’s up…

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Just hurry, all right?



time to get busy making this the best year ever in profit, vision and

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