If you wish to get top website positioning your site will be judged on many different
aspects. I am sure you already know that you must have your website targeted
with certain keywords. You almost certainly also know that developing links
to your site will also be able to help you boost your search engine rankings
in addition to your pagerank. However in this post we are going to be
speaking about why who you link to will also matter for your search engine
rankings as well as pagerank.

Google’s algorithm makes use of many different factors to decide page
positioning, but no one has learned them all, however some are known. Who
you link to is one of the things that will make a difference on how well
your site ranks in the search engine results pages. One thing you should
comprehend is that if you’ve got a link to a web page that Google has banned
you will find that this is a bad thing. By linking to a web page, Google
believes that you think that it is a very good web page that folks would
want to check out, however if Google has banned this web page, this will
count as a strike against your web page. This will obviously hurt your page
rank and your

search engine placement, that is if Google does not decide to ban
your site just for linking to a site that they have already banned.

This can be something that can work in your favor at the same time. I have
in fact tested this theory out frequently on a number of my Internet sites.
And every time I would simply add a high authority link to another Internet
site, about a week afterwards I would end up jumping inside the search
engine rankings. Sometimes this was pages and from time to time I would go
from number 10 on page 1, to around 3 and 5 on page 1.

The quickest way to do this is usually to simply embed a link from a You
Tube video straight into your site. Using this method not only are you
generating a link to You Tube a website that Google owns, but you are in
addition adding video to your content which Google in addition loves. And on
some sites I would simply develop a hyperlink in the text that would
hyperlink the word “Google” to the Google homepage. Making use of these
little techniques you may find that your search engine positioning can rise
in about a week or so.

Something you will not want to forget about is that linking to bad sites can
hurt your rankings. In the event that anyone ever wants to swap links with
you, the first thing you will want to do is to see if that site is indexed
in Google. If you find that Google does not have them indexed it could be
for the reason that they have banned that website. This does not necessarily
indicate that the site was banned it might just be that it is a relatively
new site and Google hasn’t indexed this site in their results yet. But what
ever the reason they are not listed, that isn’t going to be a link that will
do you any good in any case, as Google is not going to even know about it.

Below Are A Few Techniques For You To
Monetize Your Website

Some of you already know this but if you would like to make the most money
from your site you’ll want to have more ways than one to make money. This
can be one of the major things that most of the what are known as Guru’s
never explain to you. They normally tell you to obtain a clickbank product
and promote it on your website. Although this can be worthwhile for some
folks, in order to get the most from your website you need to have more than
one method to make money from your website. And in this post we will be
talking about how you can better earn money your website.

Google Adsense is one thing which will help you make more money from your
site. It’s widely thought that if your Internet site isn’t getting at least
one thousand visitors every day it is not worth adding this to your site. On
the other hand, if you look at it in this way, lets say your website gets
enough visitors to make you just one dollar every day. This also will mean
that you will end up earning $30 a month, while it is not riches, it is more
cash than you are earning without it. The best part about Adsense is that
you only need to set the ads up once and never touch them again. So for
around 10 minutes work, you can be making $30 a month every month for as
long as you have that website up on the Internet.

It is possible to end up earning even more money by adding clickbank ads to
your site if you haven’t set them up already. Adding a simple banner for a
clickbank affiliate product can also work out great, as you again only have
to set it up once and you’re done. The truth is in case you have several
websites you will see that it will be possible to make even more money by
adding a product to each and every site you own. Simply because you can earn
big money by just referring one sale, as much as 75%, this suggests that you
can end up making a large amount of extra money by incorporating clickbank
ads. In the event you end up marketing a product that will pay you $40 for
each and every sale your site produces and you create one sale a week,
that’s an added $160 a month.

Another way to start making a steady cash flow is by renting out space to
Internet marketers. When you have a site with a decent amount of traffic you
could charge folks $20 or $30 a month to add their banner ad on your site.
Of course you will want to ensure that who ever advertises on your site is
featuring something that is related to the subject of your site. By simply
linking to a product connected to your site, this may actually help your
search engine positions. Also, don’t forget that you are not confined to
just one person to rent out advertising space to.

You should also bear in mind that the amount of extra money you could be
generating is based on you owning only one site. Your goal should be to set
up a lot more than just the one website as you could possibly be generating
$200 a month from every website you create. Therefore by setting up your
sites correctly and adding the right
money making
you can produce money, and when you decide to keep making more sites like
this you could end up replacing your existing income.


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