Any discussion about how to make money online will almost constantly refer to the term “niche marketing”, oftentimes describing it as one of the most effective ways to do this. It’s not a hard concept to understand as it just refers to a market sub-division where people are looking to purchase specific products or services who can be targeted online. Looking to sell in a narrower niche market can be a more lucrative business model as there are people interested to purchase from you but with less competitors. In this article, we will discuss how you can turn niche marketing into a moneymaking undertaking.

Firstly, your first task is to identify a lucrative niche market and fortunately, there are web sites that can help you do this quite easily. Two of the best web sites to begin your search for a niche are Amazon and Clickbank. Here you’ll find plenty of ideas for prospective niches. You can browse through the products conveniently listed in several categories and identify the best-selling ones. Jot down those products you are interested in for further research.

Next, you will be weeding out those product markets from your list that are very competitive by using keyword research. There are several keyword tools both gratis and paid and when starting out, majority of people will use Google’s own keyword tool which is one of the free alternatives. In dtermining the keywords you want, you normally start with a more general word that will lead you to the longer phrases that people are looking for. It is these keywords that could be the ones you can aim for providing they have sufficient searches.

As with your initial research, you will want to record the keywords you find and then check these to see if you would be able to compete for the specific terms. This is normally done by putting the keyword phrase in Google’s search bar and placing quotation marks around it as this gives you the number of websites you are competing against for that term. Basically, you want to find keywords with less competition that still get a fair number of searches. You will likely find that a number of your longer keyword phrases refer to a specific make and model of a product. This is terrific news as they’re used to search for products by people on the point of spending money and not merely looking.

Having finished the research and decided on a potential niche market, you can now start to build a website using your list of lucrative niche keywords. A quick and direct way of building a niche website is to use the WordPress blogging platform for which there are a lot of free templates and plug-ins. If available, you should purchase a domain name that has one of your keywords or phrases which will help to get your site higher up in the search engines. Avoid using brand names as this may cause headaches later on.

When your site is set up and getting a modest number of visitors, you can then start to monetize your site and make a steady income from it. Alternatively, you may wish to sell it in the future as a lucrative business for which there is a ready market.


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