Search engine marketing is an area that has been surrounded in mystery and stories for most people throughout many years. There are people who understand it very well, and they make money with it in their own corporations. Do not be surprised, then, that there are so many different ways to come at search engine marketing. A very common approach is to write articles with SEO in mind to improve a page’s ranking when it comes to the search engines. There is the idea of writing SEO articles, or articles composed for the search engine spiders. Chances are that approach should have been abandoned by a lot of people consistently making use of it.

Google has stated over and over again that your content should be aimed at humans not search engine spiders and they have even invented a whole new algorithm to encourage people to do this. Any time someone comes to your site it’s usually because they are looking for a specific thing. They do not want articles that are stuffed with keywords (otherwise known as SEO content). This big difference in approach often involves an absence of proper information and a change in perspective. When you write for your target audience, then you will begin to see some good things occur including higher rankings.

Try to bear in mind that Google focuses on the length of time a person spends on your website. This is known as your site’s “bounce rate” and it provides Google with a lot of data. If a site visitor only spends a moment on your site before leaving, Google will think that your site isn’t important and is targeted for a keyword. You do not want this to happen to you. Concurrently, Google is more prone to give you a excellent SEO rating if people are spending a lot of time on your pages. It all unites in the end.

Your ability to successfully write for your audience, and give them what they need, is rooted in solid market research. The best way to do that well is to learn all you can about your audience and market and then give them what they really want. For those who have good demographics you’ll better be capable of figure out what people really want. If you take some time to go to forums that your market spends time in, you can get a good handle on their problems. It will help to put you in a good place to write about their problems and doubts.

Your content can only be aided by this sort of focused content conception. Your content will probably be relevant–something else Google can ascertain through the use of a simple algorithm. They are able to read your text and extract the general relevance. The only true way to acquire that kind of writing is when you actually know a great deal about your subject. After you combine that with your bounce rate, Google can quickly see just how relevant the subject material on your site truly is.


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