Trading Links – Is It Still A Strong Marketing And Advertising Strategy

Backlinks can supply your website with authority and any Internet marketer will
tell you that. And a few years ago, trading links with other websites was looked
upon as being a powerful way to build backlinks. The question is, is this still
a great way to create links for your site or has it become a thing of the past?
In the following paragraphs we are going to be taking a look at just that, in
order to explain to you the answer.

Let me start off by explaining exactly what a backlink is, a backlink is a link
that is on one website that points to another site. These inbound links are
usually viewed as votes for your Internet site by the major search engines like
Google. And when you can create a large amount of links the search engines will
compensate your Internet site with much better rankings in their results. On the
other hand you also have to recognize that not all links are created equal. If
you have a link on a link page of a website that has a page rank of 5 you will
find that the link will be worth more if it was in fact on the home page. Almost
all of the value of the link comes from the page rank that the link is on
instead of the home page, page rank.

Under typical circumstances you will find that when you trade backlinks the link
pointing back to your Internet site is rarely on the home page. And that lessens
the value of that backlink. Also these link pages can end up with 100s or even
1000s of other links pointing to some other sites. Google does not like to
notice this sort of thing so obviously these backlinks are not really counted.

Something else you may or may not have heard is that Google does not give the
same authority to backlinks that are traded as they do to one way backlinks. A
one way link is when you’ve got a link on some other site but you don’t link
back to that site. In Google’s eyes these one way backlinks are usually just
like gold. You can even hurt your search rankings if you end up trading
backlinks with websites that have a bad reputation with Google. That is not
really what you are trying to do, but it can occur when you trade backlinks.

The only time
trading links
can provide benefits for you is when the page where
your link is has a very good page rank and a good deal of visitors. If your
backlink ends up getting hidden on some deeper page of the site there is a good
chance that the page where your link is, just isn’t even indexed by Google. But
that is exactly what a lot of people do when they trade backlinks. There are
plenty of ways to get backlinks for your website and when you can create high
quality one way links, they will generally beat out link exchanges every time. Trading Links


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