Tim Broclehurst presentation at the WIS at Earls Court London

Tim Broclehurst spoke at the World Internet Summit about his expertise

Viral Marketing.

He was the only English speaker. Tim Broclehurst is a very tall, handsome

English gentleman.

His first question was, What do you all want?

S U C C E S S.

He wanted us to shout success, and he did the questioning frequently.

Tim Broclehurst first advice is that in order to succeed You need to have

Automated Procedures.

His second advice that was also mentioned by most of the speakers at the

World Internet Summit, Build a list, create a relationship, email regularly
with a high degree of relevance.

Tm Broclehurst showed us a lot of ways to get traffic, some
free, some paid and some borrowed.

His automation mentality an his trait of perfectionist makes
you realize that with his knowledge and tools you
can build your business Fast!

You will be able to see his whole detailed presentation in the DVDs that will
come out

very soon. Tim Broclehurst finished around 7.00 and we took the London

to Oxford and Bond street. Here is a picture of my wife, and the Christmas
lights at

Oxford street.

We bought some gifts at Selfridges and
ate some Italian food at Bond

We returned to the hotel using London Underground to West Kensington via Earls Court around

12.00 , very excited about how much we have learned , but specially at the increased

feeling that success is much near now.

To be the first to find out when the DVD’s are available
just fill out the form on the left of the page.


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