The World Internet Challenge

Grapevine Guru

After a quick lunch we returned to
Earls Court to watch Shaune Clarke who was
responsible for the World Internet Challenge.
He did it on stage during the four days.

The World Internet Challenge was about
– Lead Generation
– Make a sale
– Back end Products.

Shaune Clarke set up a World Press blog
with a domain name Grapevine Guru.

The site describes rare wines like
Canadian Vidal ice wine from Nova Scotia,
Australian wines just north of Canberra and
South Africa wines from the pinotage grape.

The product for sale is an interview with a
wine expert, two months free membership to
the Grapevine Guru Club (bonus) that offers more
interviews with wine experts as
a backend product automatically.

Shaune Clarke made World Internet Challenge
very simple buy using step by step
instructions that can be applied to any niche.

Shaune Clarke during the World Internet Challenge
used PPC from Google Adwords and wine article
publishing using the names of the experts to
brand himself and his product.

Shaune was so kind to give us a daily update
every morning at 8.00 o’clock.

You’ll be able to see how he setup his Splash Page
, advertising account, how many people sign up,
sales, the OTO setup and the back end memberships
(recurring monthly income)
in the World Internet Summit DVDs,

To be the first to find out when the DVD’s are available just fill
out the form on the left of the page.


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