Early Warning: The “Video Boss” Finale is here

It made me sad to see Andy Jenkins’s last “Video Boss” video today.  🙁

In case you missed it last week, Andy’s released 3 f.ree videos so far – revealing the exact tools and tactics people have needed all along to SEE the profit potential with online video for themselves.

Tens of thousands of people have watched Andy’s tutorials and learned how to make videos that SELL.

And those tutorials are PLENTY if all you want is to “play” with online video.  But if you’re like me, it’s not enough to “play”… I see too much potential.

If you want to stop playing and become a Video BOSS, Andy has a LOT more to share with you in today’s video.

Watch the FINAL public “Video Boss”

And listen, this is a special EARLY notice from me to you (Andy told me it’s okay).  You’re seeing this BEFORE the public.

For you, it could be just a start.

For EVERYONE ELSE, this really IS the END of Video Boss.

Don’t miss it,

Traffic Boss by the Video Boss


How to get their Videos RANKED, FAST


VIDEO 3 – Traffic Boss


The best video offer in the world won’t sell a thing if no one sees it.

Problem Solved
: Watch Andy “Video Boss” Jenkins tell you how to become a
Traffic Boss” right now.

Even your very first “semi-pro” video could win you big time sales if you let
enough people see it.  So watch now and learn to distribute and promote your
videos “Like A Boss”!

And besides another tutorial filled with nitty-gritty tactics, Andy’s also
GIVING AWAY one of those little “secret sneaky tricks” will make YOU a Boss in
your viewers’ minds, automatically.

Watch “Traffic Boss” right here.

the Video Boss







VIDEO 2 – LITTLE BOSS by the Video Boss



The Secret “Video Boss” Creation Formula is Fr.ee Today


I’ll make this fast:
Part 1 of

Andy Jenkins
‘ new “Video Boss” series got OVER 2,000 comments from folks
who AGREE we NEED video to continue to thrive online.

The most common question: “Where do I START!?”


Andy obviously listens because today he
released a Five-Step Formula he calls “Little Boss”… for F.REE!

No script, no problem.

Face “made for radio”?

No need to get on EITHER side of a camera!

That’s right, if you’re on a computer that can read this email, chances are that
is all you need to FINISH your first attention-arresting, sale-getting,
cash-collecting Video.

WARNING: This Formula
compresses decades of video and sales experience into a system that doesn’t just
make videos – It makes AWESOME videos. And ANYONE can do it.

Ready to revolutionize and future-proof the way you market you products and

Learn how, right now,
right here


VIDEO 1 – Online Video GETS MORE MONEY than ANYTHING by the Video Boss




I’ve HAD enough!

I’m putting my foot down and putting an end to the “Video is

too hard – Video is too expensive – Video is too slow” nonsense

once and for all.

Just watch this brand new video that Andy Jenkins just released

where he shows you the tools and techniques that he JUST used

to create Marketing Videos that did over $5,000,000 in sales.

And here’s the best part – these “Super Fancy” tools you need

to make online video the “Andy Jenkins” way may already be

installed on your computer.

Check it this

Plus, it shows you how amateur videos (with pretty much ZERO

SEO work) are ranking on the first page of
Google – right along

with “The Learning Channel” – and they’re getting over 204,567


See you on the other side!

video is PURE content
– no pitch or anything like

that.  the Video Boss



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