The Tale of Two Affiliates…from Alex Goad and Saj P.

This is an important email from Alex Goad and Saj P.

Hi Roger,

Everyday on the Internet, this story plays out.

For most it spells disaster.

For some it spells liberation… Being plucked from a life of

day job drudgery and scraping by to one of abundance of time and


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The Tale of 2 Men Who Fought The Affiliate War


2010. The Economy shows some signs of recovery, but for most,

it’s slow and the road will be a long one…

No longer wanting a boss and everything that comes with it (the

long commute to work, the mind-numbing 9-5, the continual daily

stress of money), 2 men set out to gather an affiliate fortune…

Is your future worth half an hour’s serious thought? If it is

then take down a history of the most successful money makers

online and you will see an unmistakable truth.

Opportunity does not flow in a steady stream like a river – it

comes and goes in great tides.

There is a high tide now; and those who seize it won’t need to

fear what may happen when the tide recedes. The smartest people

in this economy are now putting themselves out of the reach of

that fear – into positions where they control what their

financial situation is.

The weak ones go down in critical years like these

– The strong ones grow stronger…

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Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 76Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

No matter who you are, what your background, or your age – if

you want to absolutely guarantee your financial future isn’t

dependent on the change in these tides, there will never be such

a critical year for you as the coming year – 2010.


Looking Back….


Both Saj and I can see the exact moment when we finally decided

to take matters into our own hands and can firmly say: “That was

the turning point”…

Looking back on it on in ten years from now will you be able to

say the same for yourself?

Thousands of thoughtful men and women have anticipated the

coming of this period and have prepared for it.

They have trained themselves to be in a position for which

*they* control their own lives – and have done whatever it takes

to get there.

Saj and I have both come from nothing – barely scraping by,

working long hours at boring jobs making someone else rich… to

the kind of life where you can do whatever you want, whenever you


* If I want to buy a new car, I’ll have the papers signed by 10


* If I wanted to take a last minute flight to the Super Bowl and

pay twice as much for tickets – I’d be there on the 50 yard line

at kickoff..

* If I wanted to go Vegas and blow $10K – I’d have the night of

my life…

Perhaps these aren’t your goals, but…


Whatever It Is…


You want in your life, all the nice things – or maybe it’s just

to live without the constant worry of money and just to be

happy… many people before you have made it happen and there

will be many people after you.

Those who have trained themselves to seize the opportunity, will

make these critical years count tremendously.

You too can make them count for you.

To meet the needs of those who know that what you want in life can’t

wait – that you have to go out and take it… we’ve launched this

comprehensive home study course like nothing that has been

revealed before…

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These Are The Exact Strategies


…Saj and I have both used to make what nearly always seem like

a dream, a blood-pumping *reality*… Now while your mind is on

it, take this opportunity to seize the chance to follow the exact

step-by-step processes that have generated us millions in

affiliate earnings online.

Many have already… but it will be your fault if ten years from

now you say: “I could have gone on to success with a group of

thousands of others and I did not even investigate.”

The 2 men I spoke about before was a reference to Saj and

myself… We’ve fought the long battle, took the losses, and

made the gains.

After years of being on the front lines…

We have laid everything on the line in this course, exposing all

of our blueprints for generating real income online with

affiliate marketing.

If you’re one of those people who simply won’t accept the

everyday status quo of working long hours, just to struggle along

and be at the will of some greediest men on earth – then this

opportunity is for you.

Everything you need to know about your future success online is

on the page below. Seize it, before it’s too late:

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Alex & Saj P.

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