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I just got this email from Joel

Hi roger,

I just added a very valuable bonus to The Mini Site Formula system
that launched just yesterday.


It’s called:

“The 6 Billion Google Ad Formula”

This is a video where I reveal my super secret techniques
that allows me to drive over 6 Billion ad impressions and over
29 Million visitors to my websites each MONTH.

The best part is that I only pay 1 cent for each visitor!

What can you do with 29 Million visitors to your website each

A Lot.

Most people who try generating traffic with Adwords are lucky
to get 100 clicks a day for under $1.00 per click.

I’m going to show you got to get clicks for 1 cent.

Now let me make things clear…

The Mini Site Formula is about driving free traffic… not paid
traffic.  The websites I send Google Adwords traffic to is a
completely separate business… Not my mini site business.

The 6 Billion Google Ad Formula CAN be a separate business by
itself or you can use it to drive traffic to your mini sites if you

So why would I include this bonus video that is worth 10 times what
I’m charging for The Mini Site formula?

I must be crazy.

At least that’s what Marlon Sanders called me just this morning.

He is one of the the people who sent out an email today recommending
my product.  We were chatting on the phone today and he came out
and said:

“Joel let me ask you this.  WHY THE HECK don’t you sell the 6
Billion Google Ad Formula as it’s own product?  Why are you GIVING
it away?”

I told him that my goal in developing The Mini Site Formula was to
come out with a product that really worked.  Something that a
person could follow step-by-step and actually make money with.
Something I could be proud to put my name on.

I told him I wanted to over-deliver on what I give out with my
system.  Adding this new bonus allows me now to over-over-deliver.

Guess what Marlon told me?

“Joel Your CRAZY.”

Well I will just let you decide if I am or not.

I’m probably only going to let this bonus be available for a short
time so go check it out now.


Take Care,

Joel Peterson
The Mini Site Formula

P.S. Here is a message I got from a lady named Kathryn who
purchased the system yesterday:

I have searched long and wide and stumbled across promises that
fell short of delivering. But Joel really saved the day in my mind.
His product is explained well, extremely organized, great quality

Anyway, I could go on and on but I just wanted to take the time to
say KUDOS. Maybe some of the other internet gurus out there will
sit up and take notice and follow your lead in terms of offering
quality to your customers.

Many blessings to you,



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