Many people have trouble writing sales letters that really get people to buy
what’s being sold. While it’s impossible to guarantee that a sales letter
will be successful, there are a few things that everyone can do to make it
more likely that their sales copy will turn into sales. The best way to help
a sales letter succeed is by focusing on the 4 main parts that every
successful sales letter has to include. The 4 parts of a sales letter are
grabbing the readers’ attention, peaking the readers’ interest, making the
readers want what’s being sold, and causing the readers to take action.
Let’s take a look at each of these parts right now.


The first part of a sales letter has to be grabbing the attention of the
readers. If you don’t grab their attention then they will just move right
past your sales letter without reading a single word. So make sure you grab
the readers’ attention right at the beginning of your sales letter.

Peaking Interest

The next part of a sales letter is peaking the interest of the readers.
Once you grab the readers’ attention then you want to peak their interest.
This will get them interested in what you’re selling and it will also keep
them reading.

Causing Desire

The third part of the 4 parts of a sales letter is causing desire. You
want to get the reader to want what you’re selling. The best way to do this
is by getting them to have a want for what you’re selling on an emotional

Calling for Action

The final part of a sales letter is a call to action. This is the part
where you tell the reader to buy what you’re selling. While you do this you
want to remove any fear they might have of buying what you’re selling and
you also want to give them a reason to buy right away. This means you want
to create urgency. You want to tell them why they should buy right then.

The 4 parts of a sales letter are grabbing attention, peaking interest,
causing desire, and calling for action. If you make sure you complete these
4 parts then you’ll always have the framework for a very successful sales