Do You Really Have to have the Pop Up ?

You’ve decided that you want to learn about something, so you do a Google search. You then pick out one of many results that Google supplies and click on it. Then, when the web page loads, you get a surprise. Instead of being given helpful content that could help you learn more about your subject, you are presented with a pop up. This is an advertisement that refuses to be closed no matter how hard you try–until you enter in your e-mail address into it. Eventually you may shut down your browser completely because you get so annoyed. The web page operator has won!

There is a good rationale that a lot of people loathe pop ups. They tend to be seriously irritating. They tend to be intrusive. When they play songs or other noises on auto-pilot they get you in trouble in the office or with the people in your family who are also in the room. They make unrealistic claims. If you would like to close them you usually have to give up your personal information. Some of them sometimes deploy malware and cookies into your personal machine. There aren’t a whole bunch of folks who actually like to be confronted by these annoying things but so many Internet Marketers insist on employing them. Why?

The actual truth is that Internet Marketers employ pop up ads

because they get the job done. They get the focus of the audience. They help marketers create e-mail marketing directories. It’s been proven again and again that pop-up ads get more opt ins than a normal opt in box put into the sidebar or even into the body of a web page. They oftentimes even provide direct sales. Unfortunately, these silly web pests actually get the job done and, until someone thinks of something better, most Internet Marketers are going to keep using them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a lot of Entrepreneurs should continue to use them. What is the actual benefit of an e-mail address that you have only gotten through force? Most of the time that particular person will choose to opt out of your list once they receive their first e-mail. How great can traffic be when most of it clicks away because it is genuinely offended by your ad? Obviously you would like to make money, but is this actually your best option? There needs to be a better solution for someone who aspires to make and build an e-mail list to help them sell things.

The real truth is this: if you have a fantastic product and you can present it in a good light, you won’t need to use a pop up. Concentrate first on setting up a quality product so that you won’t have to make use of an annoying pop up to get the job done for you. Write a great sales or splash page. Catch the reader’s attention and then refuse to give it back with the energy of your content and copy. The simple truth is that Web marketers only find success and online profits when they make products that others are going to find valuable.

No pop up ad may be substituted

to disguise the lack of value in a product.

They are coming now new video pop up.


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