Web site traffic is among the key elements for anybody who wants to realize
success online. Much like a person’s body, if the blood is not pumping through
the veins, the person is going to die. The same thing goes for websites, if the
website isn’t getting a steady stream of traffic the owner of this site isn’t
going to be making any cash. Below we’re going to be discussing some of the
advantages of making use of Yahoo Answers as a method to generate web site
traffic for you.

Yahoo Answers is clearly owned by Yahoo, and this portion of their site actually
gets millions of visitors every single day asking questions and searching for
answers. Needless to say when these men and women find the answer that the need,
they ordinarily do not come back to Yahoo Answers until they have an additional
question. Many times when somebody answers a question they’re going to leave a
link in the answer so folks can look up there source on the net. And this is
obviously how Yahoo Answers can send traffic to your site.

This is one of the great benefits of working with Yahoo answers as a way for
driving traffic to any web page. To simplify a bit more we’re just going to say
that you promote weight reducing products on your internet site. Yahoo enables
you to search for particular sorts of questions, and that means you can target
the questions you are looking for in the weight loss category. Once you’ve
searched and found a question that pertains to something you know about, you
answer the person’s question as best you can and you should also leave a link to
your internet site if they seek further information on weight loss. If you have
a good answer and the person feels that it answers their question, there’s a
pretty good possibility that they are going to also have a look at your internet
site for more valuable information.

You might be saying to yourself that getting one visitor for all that work does
not seem worth it, but now that your answer and link are permanently on Yahoo,
this one answer may create hundreds or thousands of website visitors over time.
Another thing that will wind up helping you get more visitors from this one
answer is that major search engines often index these web pages. This means if
somebody is trying to find a similar answer to the one you provided they might
find your link in the major search engines and wind up going to your site. Some
questions may end up getting 20 or 30 different answers from different folks,
and these folks who are also answering this very same question may be curious
about your link and follow it to your website.

So if you were to simply take half an hour out of your day each day and answer
10 questions on Yahoo answers, in time the quantity of traffic you might be
getting might be staggering. You ought to also realize that if you do this for
one year you would wind up having 3650 high quality back-links pointing to your
site. Which means your own search engine rankings will also be
improved providing you even more traffic.


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