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It isn’t often in life we get a chance to buck the system and let our voices be
heard.  Well, now is your chance to show Google that you are tired of their
Internet rules that have created so much garbage, SPAM, and trash out on the
Internet.  You see, because Google controls so much traffic, the rules they
set for getting ranked highly in their search results effect your life
and mine.

Let me explain, when Google lays out a formula or
algorithm as to how they are going to rank pages in their search results it
creates a $100 million dollar industry on the side as people try to figure
out their rules and try to find ways to get around them.
For example, if Google values incoming links to a site,
then a whole new industry of “factory farming links” is created.  Scam and
spam sites set up just to give links back to paying clients.  These sites
clog up the online world with garbage pages and fake sites.
A second example, if Google values social media mentions
of a site, then a whole new industry of ghost social media accounts get set
up to entice people to pay for “phony” social media diggs, buzzes, vote ups,
and tweets.  When Google sets a rule, a whole new industry is created to
find ways around that rule, and the game goes on and on….and on…and on.

So how do you stop it?
Say NO to Google. Stop using Google as a search option
and watch what happens. When Google no longer can govern the Internet and
control “what is searched for, how it should be displayed, and what the
rules should be on what you see and how you see it” then they will have to
change. If people use other search methods then the secondary market of
trying to get around Google’s rules won’t be as lucrative.  There will be
less incentive to rank highly with Google, hence eliminating the creation of
Why is the answer?
1. We carry information about a subject for that last 2
weeks only – There is no incentive for someone to spend $50,000 to try and
“get up” to page #1 in our rankings as they will be deleted in 14 days
2. We monitor over 55,000,000 sources worldwide for
subject information and can harness the information on blogs, forums, and
online communities much faster than Google can.
3. We offer the advertiser much more freedom on their
ads, including using banner or video PPC ads on the search result page.
And #4….

Google is
already terrified of this idea and is responding.  If you haven’t seen the
press yet..

A change is happening.  You can be part of it.  All
I ask, is that if agree that the Internet is clogging up with crap, garbage,
spam, and irrelevant sites,  If you write a blog, newsletter, forum
posts, make a video, whatever you do, tell the world you are sick of how
Google’s rules have caused all this mess on the Internet and you are just
saying NO to Google, and YES to

Now Relevant

You’ll never guess what the next big thing is on the Internet – unless you have
a Time Machine!

Ever notice that the world has suddenly seemed to have sped up? The days seem
shorter, the years fly by

– what’s the cause? Maybe it’s this super-charged information age we live in
now. The Internet makes news,

communication, and trends travel around the globe at speeds never before seen in
modern society!

So, if you’re an Internet marketer in search of the next big thing, don’t hold
you’re breath – chances

are, by the time the next big thing comes along, it will have passed you by.

Sure, there are trend reports online, such as Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz,

but they’re proven to be unreliable at best in giving you anything other than

people are searching for on the Internet.Every once in a while, these programs
get it right,

but for the most part, popular search terms like “Barak Obama” or “Recession”
aren’t going to help you make money.

The only way to really know what’s going to be the next breakout product on the
Internet is to “travel into the future.”

According to Einstein, time travel remains quite impossible to achieve – unless
you have our product!

We developed the Internet Time Machine program in order to give you an insight
into the future trends

of the Internet on a level that you never dreamed was possible!

The Internet Time Machine uses an unprecedented system of sophisticated

analytics in order to analyze web traffic and search terms. The results are

simply amazing: you’ll get access to the next up-and-coming products on the
Internet before anyone else!

Now, you can pinpoint the niche and product that you need to focus on before the
rest of the market comes

in and completely saturates it! The opportunity to make loads of money is in
your hands!

If you’re a savvy Internet marketer who is ready to look into the future and
discover the next products

and niches that will make you wealthy,
click here to learn more about the Internet Time Machine!

Think You Can Predict the Next Big Thing on the Internet? Think Again!

If you are one of the many people on the web today who works in Internet
marketing, then you have most

likely read your fair share of ebooks, guides, and programs dealing with the art
of successful Internet marketing.

There are lots of different methods out there that can definitely work for you,
assuming that you have the right product.

The problem with all of these “Get Rich Quick” Internet marketing schemes,
however, is that they can never give you any guarantees for finding the right
product to sell!

Typically, these programs are very vague when it comes to selecting the right

They’ll tell you “trust your gut,” “sell what you love,” “ask your friends,” and
even “test a product first.” The problem with all of these methods is that, even
if you manage to discover a great product to sell, you’ve probably already
missed the window for making loads of money selling it!

Because the niches on the Internet develop and close so quickly, you really have
to “get lucky”

in finding the right trend at the right time. Most people who invest in a
certain niche get into it way too late to make any serious money.

But what if I were to tell you that our system could successfully predict the
next big product on the Internet?

That’s exactly what our system does! The Internet Time Machine takes “luck”
completely out of the equation

in discovering the trending products that will make you a fortune! The Internet
Time Machine uses powerful

analytics, together with our company’s own expert analysis, to determine a wide
range of trending niche-based

products on the internet, way before anyone else has thought about selling them.

No matter what kind of internet marketing program you currently use, the
Internet Time Machine can

give you the one critical piece of the puzzle that none of them can offer: what
you should be selling!

If you’re ready to start uncovering the next big thing on the Internet, click
here to learn more
about the

Internet Time Machine!

Internet Marketers: the Next Big Thing Is Out There. Let Us Help You Find It!

If you really understand the nature of Internet Marketing, then you know that
you can never remain in one place. Commerce moves

at a fast pace, and Internet commerce moves even faster: products that are
ultra-popular one day are an afterthought the next.

This fact can not only be tricky for Internet Marketers to grasp, but can also
completely ruin them by investing time, money, and

resources into a product that is at the end of its lifecycle. By the time you
have your Internet Marketing engine running, the interest in the product could
be gone!

The secret to being successful in Internet marketing is to have a knack for
predicting the next big thing.

Of course, this is also the most elusive aspect of Internet marketing. Marketing
gurus will give you loads of advice,

ranging from “trust your gut” to “invest in an expensive testing campaign.”
Unfortunately, all of these approaches often lead to failure.

You need to know the trending products and topics on the Internet, and you need
to know them FAST!

This is exactly what our Internet Time Machine is designed to do! Rather than
“guessing,” “trusting your instincts,”

or “testing products,” you can now rely on our powerful analytical engine to
successfully predict which products and

topics are on their way to becoming hugely popular!

The Internet Time Machine utilizes sophisticated analytics, together with our
own expert, in-house analysis,

to predict not just one up-coming product, but rather a wide range of products
in various niches that are bound to make you loads of money!

This is why we call it a “Time Machine.” It is almost as if our program predicts
the future!

If you’re ready to discover the next big product on the Internet, don’t delay!
Click here to learn more about the Internet Time Machine!

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