Want to know why so many copywriters fail at making their sales copy work effectively? It’s because they don’t focus on staying away from copywriting mistakes such as the ones we will be discussing in this article.

A common copywriting mistake is not taking care of the punctuation when writing the copy. Every time you write copy it should be written in easy to understand language that is clearly expressed, plus the product/service benefits should always be included at some point. So even if you selling the greatest product on Earth, if you violate any of those your sales will decrease, and how much that happens depends on how badly you violated those rules. The reason grammar mistakes are important to keep at a minimum is because you’ll start creating too strong of a negative impression, and then people will extend that to how you conduct business, etc. Effective copy that gets the job done has to include many considerations, many of which are along the lines of “the little things.” Remember, too, that you’re not writing a college research paper, so you want to keep your language simple, clear, and to the point. Yes, you can hurt your sales and conversions with bad grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Regarding testimonials, they can be used in an ineffective way – so be careful where you place them and how they’re presented. You should know the reasons people buy anything, people make buying decisions on emotional reasons and nothing more. Since we all buy from strangers online, there are concerns about whether or not your business can be trusted with their money, and of course they want to know if other people have been satisfied with your product or service. If you have testimonials, then they’re really just one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a degree of trust with your website visitors. You will see the difference in your conversion rates if your visitors have a way to feel some level of trust. Besides that, you can also take down testimonials from other experts in the niche you’re promoting, which will again make your product look more credible and worth buying.

It’s a mistake to think that the P.S. in your sales copy is unimportant. It is as vital to your copy as the headline because it improves your sales rate. The customer is given one last reminder about the benefits of the product with the P.S. or “post script”. The P.S. is the last chance you have to get your buyer to take action. There is going to come a moment when your prospect hesitates about buying from you. All they need is that one last reminder, and P.S. does that job perfectly. This is when you will include a couple of time sensitive details to make the customer want to act fast. If you truly want to make money you need to help your potential buyer want to take action and feel like they are buying something worthwhile from you. It is those times that the P.S. is exactly as important as your top of the page headline. When you avoid these common mistakes you will get quite a nice return from your copywriting.

No Excuses For Making These Copywriting Mistakes

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