Ninja Commissions, let me ask you a question. Honestly this is

kind of a stupid question.. but here it is

“Would you like EASY Internet Marketing training

that shows you several methods that can make

you anywhere from $200- $500 a day?”

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I’m pretty sure you’re like “Hell yeah Tim!”

I hear ya- I mean sh eet, I would love to add an

extra $500 a day to my bottom line even if I’m

already filthy rich LOL – kidding..

let me ask you another question.

Would you rather have 27 different Ninja Commissions ways to make

$500 a day or one method that is more like a

business model?

So for example Local Cash Empire

was a course that had several videos and methods-

but it was a solid business model.

Or 27 different Ninja Commissions tactics from all types of marketing

like cpa, affiliate, wso’s, social media etc.

Which would you rather have to learn from?

There is no wrong answer because at the end of the

day it’s money in the bank.

So of you might say, well If I could just

make $200 a day I could then re-invest my

money to build a more sustainable business

model. I totally agree with you there..

I always try to diversify what I teach you.

I have many types of marketers on my list. I

have straight newbie’s and intermediate to advanced

marketers. All in different stages of their business

so sometimes it’s hard to teach to the masses.

Here’s the point of Ninja Commissions today. Oddly enough

my team and I have been inundated with emails from

several members.

Here’s one email from Eric(E.) Maverick:


Hey Tim,

First off I buy all your training and I have

learned more from what you teach then anyone else.

One problem, most of what I have learned takes a bit

of time or money to outsource the task. Which I have


I hope I don’t offend you but can you teach basic

methods that are free to do, don’t take up to much

time and that can make me money in the same day?

I know I may be asking a lot, but money is tight

and I just need simple actionable steps to make

money like NOW! 🙂 anywho Tim thanks for all you

do. You keep it real and I respect that, so I thought

I keep it real with you as well.

Thank You!



I asked Eric if I could post his email to illustrate

my point.. So don’t think I’m putting E. on blast.

Eric is one of many marketers and money seekers on

my list that just wants simple steps to make money.

The magic bullet chasers LOL

I kinda laugh a bit(sorry Eric) but making money

online isn’t easy. It takes hard work and many

sacrifices. You want me to keep it real, well there

you have it. I had to work my ass off to get to the

level I’m at.

I had to make all the costly errors and spend 1,000’s

on information, consulting and outsourcing. Everyone

must do the same. Stop thinking this sh eet is easy because

it’s not. I mean some marketing might seem pretty simple

but it’s still hard work.

So naturally I get frustrated as hell because I just want

you all to understand this. There is no magic bullet. There

is no software that will make you rich being a lazy as ss- I’m

sorry to burst your bubble.

-end rant-

So over the past couple of weeks my team and I have been

putting together a system.

Not just any system. it’s the closest you will get to

making money with very little work. These methods are

so easy my 2 yr old daughter could do them.. I’m dead


So check Ninja Commissions out ,

We have put together 27 different Ninja Commissions methods that are

stupid simple to do. All methods can easily make you

$500 a day if you just do them, plus I show you easy

ways to outsource that won’t cost you more than a

#1 at McDonald’s. So really if you can’t make money

from one of the 27 tactics then..

then… ummm.. hmmmm maybe you should go apply

for a job at McDonald’s and flip burgers.

I mean that may sound harsh but this new system

really is that easy. The cool part is you can

even scale them up and make over $1,000 a day.

I’ve done it and I do it everyday..

and for the ones that like more business model

type material well I have you covered too.

I will be giving away 5-6 SECRET bonus courses

that are Ninja business models to grow an empire

and straight kill it online. I had the help of some of

my close marketing buddies to assist me with this

part of the “ninja” system for Ninja Commissions.

Question #50,000,145,002.209;)

Can you remember this date and time: 11/11/11 11am EST

I’m sure you can:) that’s like super ninja sh eet right

there so on this super lucky date and time you’re about

to hit the jackpot! BOOM baby!

I’m going to release “NINJA COMMISSIONS”

100% kick as sss, think outside the box methods that will

get you paid within 24hrs! 27 different methods

Plus 5-6 business model courses as bonuses. and these

I can’t even reveal- You will discover the bonuses once

your inside the members area.

So one last question and then I’ll let you go marinate

on what we’ve been discussing.

How much is $200- $500 a day worth to you?

well lets do some math:

$200 x 30 days = $6,000 a month

$500 x 30 days = $15,000 a month

So once again how much is that worth to you??

I want you to think about what you would pay me

to give you a system that can produce those

Ninja Commissions numbers every day and month for you.

mark 11/11/11 at 11am EST in your calendar, make

it a sticky note or something but whatever you

do- don’t forget that date!

That’s the day you answer my question of what that

kind of money is worth to you

If you have questions please check Ninja Commissions

Also I would like to know what you would like

to see in my training. I might be able to squeeze

it into Ninja Commissions. I really want to over

deliver with this one so please don’t hesitate

to speak up- cool?



Ninja Commissions

Ninja Commissions banner1.


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