Improvements in modern technology continue to affect bloggers. Twitter is the
most up to the minute communication system. How a news item effects your
niche market is the angle you’re looking for. Blogging about the latest news and developing trends will
bring huge numbers of targeted visitors to your blog if you approach this the
right way. Innovative technologies enable you to find breaking stories easily.

Google ranks current news items on page 1, and this is what you want to make use
of. In case you are thinking you cannot contend with the large news sites, you
are basically right. Adding ‘update” or a similar prefix to your title search
phrases can sometimes give you a good edge. Sometimes Google lists these kinds
of updates in a distinct category on page 1, and includes regular blogs. You
will definately get better, over time, identifying the best techniques for
taking advantage of news stories to obtain more readers to your blog.

It is easy to catch popular news stories as they start to break by using various
online resources. Sometimes television news still shows “breaking stories” which
you are able to post about. However you do need to move swiftly and get your
story on your own blog as quickly as possible. This strategy only works with
live, breaking reports. A great application for monitoring trends and up to the
minute news is Twitter. Throughout the world, users “tweet” about important
events that are occurring in their countries.

Once you read about something on Google Alerts the news has undoubtedly broken.
You shouldn’t be getting “alerts” about some other people’s blog posts because
that implies they’ve already beat you to it. Whether your blog can make use of
breaking news stories is definitely something you will need to research
personally. If time isn’t highly essential, then you can monitor alerts and even
Google trends. For example, you can blog about a news item you know your market
really wants to hear and still receive easy search engine rankings for your blog

One supplemental approach is to open your very own Twitter account so you’re
able to Tweet about your story immediately after it is on your blog. This can
also bring fresh readers to your post because Google sometimes shows Tweets on
page 1 listings. Whether or not that will take place is difficult to anticipate,
but it is worth doing because it may happen. Combining the power of Twitter and
ongoing blog entries will boost the popularity of your blog.


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