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 I’ve got a New SEO Video for you – it’s from Leslie Rohde.  
If you don’t know who Leslie is, let me just give you the quick
In 2002, Leslie advanced the idea that Search Rankings could be
affected by using the text in links that point to a page.
…Yeah, THAT Leslie Rohde.
He’s an SEO Engineer, and a StomperNet Faculty Member, and this
video is going to cause trouble. Lots of trouble.

Just a quick note:  When we were
trying to figure out the

subject line for this email, one
of our staff suggested:

"You can’t spell Bul**h*t" in SEO
without LSI". That’s how

controversial this video is.
(I was tempted.  🙂 But did not. 
Must be getting old.)


LSI stands for "Latent Semantic Indexing".  In 2006, Google
filed a whole bunch of patents that led a LOT of SEO folks to
believe that LSI was in FULL FORCE and EFFECT at Google.
Shoot, I even made a video about it!
(Too bad NONE of those patents were actually about LSI – they
just LOOKED like they were.)
That’s right  – in this video, Leslie will PROVE to you that
LSI is NOT having any effect on your Search Rankings.
means, if you’ve been struggling to get Rankings on Google
because you’ve been chasing LSI – STOP.
Do this instead: Leslie is going talk about a SEO Strategy that
YOU are going to want to know about…

…It’s called
"Referential Integrity"
, or "RI" for short.


Yes, this New Video marks the beginning of the SIXTH series of
our famous Going Natural Videos.
And this time, we’re not kidding around.
If you want to stop wasting time on SEO and only getting
mediocre rankings, then you need to watch this video.
As always, nothing to buy, no opt-in…

Just SEO Video
Goodness from StomperNet

Flame Suit "ON!"
~Andy and the StomperCrew


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