So maybe this is marketing suicide but I’ve decided
NOT to write a sales letter for the Magic Bullet System
when it launches on Monday (Jan 11th) at noon PST.

Instead, I’ve made this video that simply tells you
exactly what the Magic Bullet System can do for you:

I also answer some of the biggest questions I’ve been
getting as well (hint: the REAL reason we’re releasing this!)


The Magic Bullet System officially goes “live” on Monday
January 11th at noon.

Because we’ve NEVER released this system before
and because we’re teaching a LIVE 6-week interactive
training class …we CANNOT accept a ton of people.

So we’re thinking that the limit will be around 500.

And that’s why I’ve made this video:

See …there are over 105,066 people on
the interest list for Magic Bullet.

And with such a limited number of seats, it’ll
obviously sell out …even if less than HALF A
PERCENT of the interest list buys.

So that’s why I’ve made this video:

It walks you through EXACTLY what Magic Bullet
will do for you …and what, specifically, you’ll be learning
with the training we provide.

And it’s in plain English …so you can decide whether
it’s for you based on FACT instead of irrational hype 🙂

So when you watch it, you’ll get the whole picture
and you can decide in ADVANCE if it’s for you.

When you decide it *is* for you, you’ll be able to get
on the Early Bird list by clicking the link below the

We’ll be giving all Early Bird subscribers *advance* notice
and a special EARLY link to use *before* we “officially”
go live at noon PST on Monday.

This way, you’ll be able to cut to the front of the line and
avoid all the launch hysteria.

Hope you enjoy the video. It’s got music and everything 🙂


P.S. As you’re probably well aware, everybody and their brother
is promoting this.

So in reality, well over a million people will be receiving emails
promoting Magic Bullet when it opens Monday.

I’ve *specifically* made this video for the sole purpose
of telling you everything in ADVANCE …so you can bypass
the huge crowd on Monday.

You can watch it here:


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