Building an e-mail list for your business is the most important steps you can take to ensure your success. Given below are a few simple tips that can help you with your list building.

A simple tip that can help you help you with your list building venture is to do ad swaps with other ezine publishers. The number of people who will exchange ad space with you and publish your info to their lists would amaze you; they do this because it allows them to build their business as you work at building yours. This is a simple joint venture tactic that can take you a long way. All you have to do is find other publishers in your niche market and get in touch with them. Tell them that you’re hoping to trade ad space and promote each others’ products. Most publishers will say yes but if someone doesn’t then you simply move on to the next name on your list. Add your own touch to these marketing tactics will make them more effective.

Another tip you should heed (and that can actually raise your number of subscribers) is to publish a privacy policy on your website and make sure that a link to it is clearly visible near your opt in form. The reason for this is, the spam rate has grown out of bounds in the past few years and people have become really careful or cautious in giving away their email address. New subscribers don’t want to have to worry about being inundated with spam mails. Having a visible privacy policy that is easy to find and read will make your prospective subscribers feel a lot safer about sharing their e-mail addresses with you. Make sure your privacy policy includes language about your not renting, sharing or selling your list to anyone else. Taking this one simple step will carry you really far and help you build your list.

Here is a hing that other list builders will not share with you: use your blog to help your list building efforts. Blogs provide a great way to communicate with potential customers as well as with subscribers to your list. It meshes nicely with e-mail marketing. Be sure that each post you write includes your opt-in form. and offer free options to people who do not want to pay to blog. Another way to leverage the power of blogging is to post on someone else’s site. Link to your squeeze page through targeted and relevant comments that you leave on other blogs in your niche. You should also aim at commenting on others’ blogs using trackbacks. In many of the cases, you’ll get your comments posted on these other blogs with a backlink to your website. This is an easy and an effective way to get targeted traffic and subscribers. In conclusion, you need to think outside the box if you want to build your list so don’t ever stop trying to come up with new ideas for adding targeted subscribers to your list.


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