Hi There,

Even though Halloween’s over, I’ve got a little treat today.

Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde have released the second video in their Link
Liberation series and if you missed the first one, that’s okay – this one’s WAY
meatier. 🙂

Just watch:

Leslie basically reveals one of the key strategies to their plan to save
internet marketers from the headache of ever chasing links again. They call it
an “abstract engine”.

Basically, you get to dig up all the “buzzworthy” online conversations, butt-in
with your own opinion, and then spit it back out all across the web.

When people join in, you get links. When they give you links, you look like the
total MASTER of your niche, weighing in on practically every facet of your
chosen topic.

I’d say it’s like killing two birds with one stone, but it’s more like taking
out a flock of vultures with a machine gun! (Sorry – watched too many horror
movies this past Halloween weekend!)

Scary-movie analogies aside, you want to watch this ASAP:

Just watch:

If you find link-building tedious, tiresome, boring, or just a pain in the rear,
this is a way to take ALL the work out of it.

I know you’re going to find it useful,


P.S. I said this was Video 2 in a series. If you missed Part 1, you’ll get
instant access along with this video, so don’t think you missed anything. Fact
is though, TODAY’S video is the real “How To Get People To Link To You”



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