Can you recall when you were able to maintain the flow of information about
yourself? It was possible that, without a great deal of effort, you could
control just what people could find out about you and the manner in which
that information could be found. Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore. There
are plenty of different ways that

people can get information about you. This is tough for people who work
“regular” day jobs offline. For people whose work is exclusively on the
Internet, though, it’s much trickier. Now, an errant online comment could
mean the difference between making the sale and not making the sale.

So, what must you do? Do you have a plan? The answer to keeping up your
success is to make sure that your reputation, both online and off, is to be
as professional as you can be all the time. Here are a few hints to help you
with that.

1. It’s crucial that every last piece of writing you craft is spelled and
punctuated correctly. It doesn’t really matter if you’re just sending a
super fast text to someone or creating your sales page. Correct spelling and
grammar are crucial. The last thing you want is for another person to see
something that you sent off, slap dash, that’s full of errors. It
demonstrates that you have no idea about what is what.

2. It is important to reply to every email and call. When you respond, make
sure that you are amicable and confident and polite. Try not to let an email
message sit in your box for more than a day without responding to it. Try
not to let a phone message go unreturned. Each telephone call has to be
answered by the third ring. It’s minor things like these that show people
what they want to know about you and the dedication to your job.

3. React to negative feedback with politeness and positivity. Of course,
there are trolls out there who only want to make you feel bad. Nevertheless,
there will be those who have legitimate issues about your project and how it
is presented. Try accepting every last negative feedback in your heart and
ask yourself if you are able to make the alterations that the person would
like to see without having it be detrimental to your project. Afterwards,
let that individual know if you will be heeding his critique or not and
explain, courteously, why you decided to go with that specific course of
action. This demonstrates that you take everybody seriously, not just
individuals who pay you compliments.

4. check your social media! When you’re in the social media realm it’s not
too difficult to forget that you’re not just a random individual; you’re a
representative of your business. The folks you are talking to might be okay
with a super casual tweet or Facebook message. They could also be viewed by
someone who comes across them as proof that you’re not serious about your
reputation or business.

5. Give your personality a chance to shine. Nobody says you have to cover
everything that makes you you. The fact is that one of the best ways to set
yourself apart from your

competition is to simply be yourself. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you
run a business, so keep your best self center stage.


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