The sooner you see this the better:

Andy Hussong After Launch

Andy Hussong’s videos and software have taught us all these FACTS:

1. The absolutely best RECESSION-PROOF strategy available

to marketers today is OPC: accessing Other People’s Customers

through JV partnerships. Think about it?!?! Why grow your business

one painful-Google-click at a time, with low converting “cold” traffic,

when by securing just one affiliate (and this is available to everyone),

you can receive their highest endorsement of you, your products and

services, to their entire list for free…

2. ENDORSED converts, on average, TWICE as high as does

“cold” traffic – for obvious reasons. Think about it!?!? That

means from the *same* squeeze page, you can grow your list twice

as fast.

Andy’s case study
(from Video #3) proved this.

3. Forming JV Partnerships to RECEIVE floods of new traffic

is what the rich people do. According to marketing legend, Dan

Kennedy, “Rich people get paid before the work is done, poor people get

paid after!” Think about it!?!? When you receive traffic, your affiliates

to do all the work for you, sending you their best subscribers,

then, only if someone buys something do you need to share a

portion of the sale = YOU ARE GETTING PAID FIRST, like

the rich people do.

4. Finally there is a proven SYSTEM that attracts and secures all

the new affiliates for JV partnerships you want and once you know

that formula you can receive an endless amount of traffic, all free.

And now you can get first-hand coaching directly from the man

who created the system! Former John Reese Insider, Andy Hussong,

whose tactics and strategies, even in the guru circles are legendary.

But Andy has VERY limited space available because of the hands-on

intensive style of his coaching class.

Talk soon,



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