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Find out what the latest
trends are, and snag HOT,

profitable domain names… then either monetize it for passive income, or flip
for instant profits…

Use the latest trends to find out what your market is talking about… and create
fresh, easily ranked content (then do whatever you want with the traffic – just
make some money dammit)

Get “real time” insight to what your market WANTS, right now… then give it to
them before the trend “takes off” and gets saturated with competition… you’re
competitors will be left in AWE because they’ll NEVER know what hit them
(they’re still relying on “old school” methods like relying on Google’s keyword

Unfortunately, the “Big G” makes it near impossible…

You get old, outdated keyword data… meaning you can’t tap into CURRENT trends
that are rapidly gaining popularity – until weeks later (literally billions of
search terms as you’ll soon see)…

You need to know what terms and keywords are “trending” upwards… so you can keep
your content fresh, and find out what people are searching for so you can
immediately cash in with domains, search engine traffic, whatever your “weapon
of choice” is…

If you want to make passive income off parked domains… they’re usually snatched
up by pesky domain squatters when it finally DOES show up in research tools…

“This Is NOT Just a Domain Finding

Tool You Could Use This For…”

Brainstorming for hot topics… (hint: Google LOVES content about fresh topics)

Domain speculating… to find top notch keyword domains before they even show up
on Google’s own keyword data (the “traditional” marketers will be fighting over
the same keywords while you casually cashed in… months ago…)

Niche blogging… find out what the latest gossip is in your niche and capitalise
on it ASAP

Amazon blogging… use the keywords you find to write relevant content and attract
search engine traffic (remember, you’re getting keywords that haven’t shown up
on Google’s keyword tool yet. No competition = MASSIVE advantage)

Adsense blogging… same goes for you – relevant, up to date content keeps your
site ranked high and the profits rolling in like clockwork

Competitive intelligence… for affiliate marketers, product creators, and anyone
else who needs to know what’s happening in their market, right now…


Internet Marketing Reviews
FeedNamer Domain Guru

Become A

Domain Guru With Just A Few  Simple Clicks Of A Button…

Step #1: Plug in your RSS feeds from whatever sites you want to scan for the
best “trending” domains and keywords (I’ll even give you lists of the most
popular sites in 25 different niches – but you can plug your own in if need be)…

Step #2: Set the parameters: Choose from 1-3 keyword phrases, and pick out what
domain extensions you want: .org, .com, .net, etc…

Step #3: Press the “scan all” button… and wait while FeedNamer calculates what
popular terms and keywords are HOT right now in your niche…

Step #4: You’ll get a list of available domains – simply pick and choose which
ones you like… BEFORE everyone else even knows it’s a hot topic. Remember, you
can also use these keywords in your content for a huge advantage over
“traditional” keyword research data that could be months old…


You’ll bypass Google’s shoddy keyword research data that’s usually weeks or even
months old… and find out what people are interested in – you get literally up to
the minute data on hot topics that would otherwise NEVER be known to you through
“traditional” means…

You can snatch up all the profitable domains before some domain squatter comes
along and parks it for profits… you know the sites that say “what you need, when
you need it” – do it for yourself and rake in instant profits (I’d recommend
building it out, but if you’re lazy, this is for you).

Write content on topics that people are talking about right now – and get your
sites ranked for FRESH, brand new keywords… you can cash in because you’ll know
what’s “trending” right now, while it hasn’t even shown up on Google’s own radar
(which is what other marketers are relying on – HUGE advantage)…

Monetize the domain any way you like… throw a blog up with affiliate offers or
adsense for instant traffic. Or “flip” the domain to other marketers for $100’s,
or even $1000’s of dollars in INSTANT profits (rinse repeat as many times as you

You can “park” it for passive income while you look for a buyer… so even if you
don’t end up selling it or can’t find a buyer willing to pay a good price, you’d
still likely make your money back + a little extra (worst case scenario: you
lose $10 – no biggie)…

So in a nutshell…

Find easy to flip, profitable domains

Find popular keywords that are gaining popularity

Find trends that almost nobody knows about

Works in ANY niche category

Saves hours of hard work looking up domains


And the testimonials just keep piling up:

Somebody else mentioned that it is addictive and they were right. It really is
addictive… and useful I have just recommended this tool to all of my

This is just very very addictive…. And it works super fast.

If your business model includes cashing in on the latest trends this is the best
tool that I have come across.

The potential is just very exciting.

I love it. This thing is quite possibly the coolest piece of software I have used
for IM. As a Mac user myself, I appreciate the clean UI and speed. I can’t tell
you how much software I have used which just looks terrible on the Mac OS.

Like others have said, this little piece of software is VERY addictive and will
come up with a seemly unlimited amount of domains to choose from. There are many
many thousands of RSS feeds out there and you could be here for years going
through all the domains. I think the problem will be with using this software is
you will run out of funds to buy all the GREAT domains thing thing comes up with

Folks, this is a NO BRAINER purchase if you are in the slightest sense an
internet marketer. My grandma (which doesn’t know a lot about computers or the
internet) could run this software, simply pick out some good looking domains and
flip them. It is that easy and I think it can be very profitable too.

Secret: Amazon affiliates – this will be your secret weapon. BUY THIS NOW

Brad – not sure how you come up with these amazing ideas but keep on doing your

This is really ninja Brad I have been picking up some really great domains
lately on my own. But now I feel like I am hacking into Steve Jobs brain and
stealing his ideas for awesome domains and niche sites before HE even knows
about it And you can use this for any niches that you want to get into on the
HOT trends.

And I think it is pretty cool to snatch up an awesome domain before Google even
knows about it.

In Yo’ Face Google


In fact, I got so excited when I started playing with this badboy that I Skyped
this to one of my pals right away. I about didn’t want to post this here. Alas I
am a sucker for giving and so here is a goldmine of awesome RSS feeds to hack
into some great trends.


“BrandonEllis: Check this page out dude. Has a lot of app rss feeds. Just added
apps, hot apps and topics etc… Apple – RSS Information ”

Yes it is fun to use, but like most I am in this to make money. To me this is an
essential tool if you are looking to flip sites, domains, build authority sites
and blogs, and probably a dozen other ideas I can think of.

This is a cool tool bro. So Kings to you ; )

Yup, got this earlier, and excuse my language, but this is one bad MOFO.

I played around with it for a couple of hours and struck gold…A COUPLE OF TIMES.

No Hype

No Glam

No Bull****

This thing just works.

The potential for this tool is endless…

Sure, you can find killer domains and profit instantly, you can find topics that
are rapidly gaining popularity, and so on… the profit potential is HUGE.

But I’m NOT promising you instant millions overnight, or any guarantee of

That’s all up to you.

It depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into working this out, and
actually following the instructions I provide.

That’s all up to you.


Internet Marketing Reviews FeedNamer Latest Available
Domain Names

Feednamer Domain Software Finds The Latest Available Domain Names With Ease

Every day, thousands of new search terms are used on Google and other search
engines. Imagine a way of knowing new and popular search terms in as little as 5

The Feednamer Domain software application allows anyone to know about new
keyword search terms and purchase unregistered domains based on them before
anyone else.

Brad Gosse, creator of Feednamer and an internet marketer with over 12
years of experience, said the software is easy-to-use and works on Mac, PC and
Linux systems using Adobe Air. The software can search for one-word, two-word or
three-word domain names ending in a variety of extensions, such as the ever
popular .com, and also .net, .mobi, .biz and more.

How it works

Feednamer uses the RSS feeds from the websites, blogs or product feeds of your
choice. An RSS Feed is essentially a skeleton of the content of a website with
ads and design elements stripped out. Feednamer allows you to add as many RSS
feeds as you like as easily as cutting and pasting the feed URL into the

Once you have your feeds added, click on “preferences” and select to search for
one-word, two-word, or three-word available domain names with the domain
extension ending of your choice. Feednamer scans through your RSS feeds to find
the latest trending search terms. It tests every word combo in every feed title
and offers the results to you. It shows you available unregistered domain names
by running them through the WHOIS database.

Gosse said usually you will not find any unregistered one-word domains, but
sometimes when a new word or phrase is created and becomes popular, like “blog”
or “Zippergate”, it won’t be taken as a domain name. Through its use in the
media, the word becomes popular and people start to use it as a search term.

“Every time I have run this (Feednamer) I found a domain
that was worth registering,” said Gosse. “Instead of being behind the trends and
doing keyword research and looking at data that was two or three weeks old, you
are actually on top of exactly what is happening right now. The first stuff you
see is going to be the easiest to grab and register.”

Internet and affiliate marketer Justin Popovic said he likes Feednamer because
it allows you to easily find new keywords ahead of the trends.

“You’re not doing keyword research after things have already hit the web,” said
Popovic. “By that point you have already missed a huge chunk of the monetization
opportunity. “

Currently, Feednamer is in the beta testing period and is being offered at a
reduced price of $44. It comes with a risk free 60-day money back guarantee and
can be

downloaded instantly and securely

Yourbrain Media Inc. is an online publishing and advertising company

For more

information contact:

Internet Marketing Reviews FeedNamer Brad Gosse


Brad Gosse Feednamer Domain Software Creator


Look – it’s easy to think that
brand new software like this would cost thousands of dollars to get your hands

After all, there’s NO other tool
on the market like this… not even cheap knockoffs.

So it’s not really a question of
“cost”… because it’s an INVESTMENT that could change your life in AMAZING new

Think about it:

How much is it worth to
be able to…

  • Locate profitable domains you can flip instantly for
    literally $1000’s of dollars
  • Uncover hundreds of trending niches… and plunk your
    site right in the middle before it “takes off” (and gets too competitive).
  • Get your finger on the “pulse” of the market… and
    instantly find out what people are talking about so you can dig up the
    latest trends, and profit from it

So you’re not getting
“just” a tool – this is going to…

  • Save you HOURS of research time looking for hot,
    profitable domains and keywords…
  • Reduce your “guesswork” (and risk) for a potentially
    great domain to pretty much ZERO…
  • Save you HOURS of research time looking for terms
    that are getting popular – and NOT being monetized (FeedNamer is the ONLY
    tool on the market that can do this)

Internet Marketing Reviews FeedNamer Fast Action Bonus Domain Profits Avalanche


Fast Action Bonus Domain Profits Avalanche…

The Same, EXACT Method Domain Flipping

That Brought In


Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

An introduction to possibly the LAZIEST, FASTEST, and EASIEST method to make
money online EVER… domain flipping (you literally don’t need to do ANYTHING to
the domain… no site building… no traffic driving… no “hard work” at all… and you
can still flip it for INSTANT profits…)


How to quickly dial in on the MOST profitable domain names (and reduce your
“risk” to virtually ZERO… just follow these simple “golden rules” of domain
buying to ensure you pick the domains most likely to sell well… you could easily
MULTIPLY your $10-$15 investment 2, 3, 4, 10 or more times what you paid for it
(it’s easy because you’ll know exactly what to look for in a domain before you


A free program you can download to avoid “duds”… you can instantly scan a HUGE
list of domain names to filter the domains that aren’t likely to sell or have
interest… this will save HOURS of time looking for the “golden nuggets” (and
also save a few hundred bucks on domain names that you would have otherwise
wasted your money on)


How to find dirt cheap “aged” domains… yeah, we all know that Google loves old
domain names… only problem is – they can get very expensive I’ll show you a fast
method of tracking these gems down for instant profits…


How to snap up the best domains before your competition does… although this
method doesn’t have a 100% success rate, you’ll still have a far better chance
of grabbing the “cream of the crop” before anyone else.


Real life examples of valuable and and not-so valuable domains… this will give
you additional “insight” to help build your skills as a professional “domainer”
(without having to risk your time or money – I’ll take the risk for you)


The “Bail Out” method in case you have a domain that isn’t selling… like I said,
not every one of your domains is going to be a “home run” (although you have a
much better chance than most people who just “guess” what might be profitable)…
so I’ll give you a quick, easy method to earn some cash while you look for a


4 of the best places to list your domain name for sale… once you’ve found your
“golden” domain names, the next step is to find a buyer willing to pay the right
price – I’ll even give you some killer tips to make sure you get the most for
your domain name….


The final step – the “nuts and bolts” of transferring the domain to your buyer
once you’ve been paid… and really – that’s all there is to it

Internet Marketing Reviews FeedNamer Fast Action Bonus


Snatch Your Competitions Most Profitable Keywords…

Here’s how this works…

Step #1: Enter the keyword you’re targeting

Step #2: Let the MetaSnatcher tool scrape your competition for related keywords
and phrases… (that you might have missed with keyword research tools or

MetaSnatcher instantly cranks out an excel spreadsheet… with killer keywords to
target (you also get a simple graph showing you the most popular ones to make it
easy to find out what ones are worth targeting)…

Remember – if you’re not completely blown away with how
much time this tool will save on checking profitable domains for you, how much
money it can make, and how it can literally transform the way you do niche,
keyword research, and domain buying/flipping… you’re fully covered by my 60 day,
absolutely no questions asked refund. The risk is on me

Take FeedNamer For A Test Drive Today…

Listen – this could be that “one thing” that separates you from the herd of
other marketers still using ancient research techniques and competing over the
same scrap of meat with Google’s old keyword data… with FeedNamer, you instantly
get a “head start” on the latest trends – you finally have the power to cash in
with ultra-profitable domain names and keywords that will be picking up MAJOR
BUZZ… whereas most of these slip right past Google’s radar for weeks

I don’t want to miss out on HOT, PROFITABLE domain names and keywords… I want
them before someone else steals them from right under my nose

FeedNamer allows you to “bypass” the traditional methods of “keyword research”
and finding out what domains could be profitable… you’ll be getting a REAL TIME
analysis of keywords and topics that will be picking up major buzz soon – and
best of all: NOBODY else will even know they exist (for weeks or even
months)…because they’re still stuck using the same old data from Google keyword

Don’t Delay Your Success Any Longer… Get Instant Access To

FeedNamer Today

Internet Marketing Reviews FeedNamer


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