If you launched a blog in order to make a little money from it, you may have
learned that without people coming to your blog, you will never
make any money.

You could possibly be one of those people who keep attempting new things to get
more traffic to your blog. The trouble is people are always searching for the
new tricks and techniques and overlook about what has been working for years.
This is the reason why I decided to go over how important it is to just add a
“share this” button on each one of your blog posts. I will also reveal how this
button may end up taking your blog from practically nothing to getting steady
targeted traffic daily.

The basic principles of this type of button are very simple, if someone likes
what you published they can

share it with other people. You may possibly have
been on a blog and observed a “tweet this” button. You can locate these on so
many blogs because it is often used to create a tidal wave of traffic.

While you can look for buttons that will allow you to post to twitter and even
facebook you will want to find a button that has a number of sites listed. If
you really want to see how potent this little button can be don’t limit the web
sites that your visitors can post to. For this reason you want to get a “share
this” button which will let your visitors to share this post on a variety of
social networking sites at once. Or at least give them the choice to choose
between internet sites. While a few people may be on facebook, other may just be
on twitter and still others may simply have a my_space account, in short never
skimp on posting options.

WordPress fans have it easy because there happen to be many plugins made to
allow for a easy “share this” button to be set up. Once more when looking for
these plugins and also “share this” buttons, choose the ones which allow
multiple social site submissions. In the long run you want a plugin which in
turn includes almost all social networking sites.

Now lets have a look at just what this simple small button or plugin will do for
your traffic. Let’s assume you have basically one visitor to your site on a
certain day and they liked the post so they decided to share the post with all
their friends on facebook. This person appreciated your article or post and they
use the “share this” button and promote your posting to about 50 of their
friends on what ever social site they are generally on. If only just 8 of those
people went to your blog and really liked your post you just received 8 more
visitors. Next lets just say that out of the people that stopped by because
someone shared it with them that three of those people decided to share the
posting with other friends on alternative social sites. And by those 3 people
sharing, this post could possibly now be suggested to another 150 people. After
that lets say 20 or 30 people stop by and 10 of those people share it along with
others. Keep doing the math if you wish, but one good post along with a “share
this” button can really turn in to a load of site traffic.

The little things you accomplish can get you more traffic than all those
“traffic driving” programs that become available each and every week or so. And
in addition to the law of averages, more traffic equals more capital.


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