I know you have discovered that every single day a new and amazing product is being released to show people how to make money on the web. The trouble is that most of the products are just rubbish. Now not all those new programs and software’s are rubbish just many of them. However, if you really think about it the people selling the programs don’t normally use them themselves, they just sell them to make a quick buck. The Instant Passive Profits product is something that I ordered to see what and how it works and this is my assessment of that program.

To begin with on the sales page you will see a gentleman talking to you, and informing you that he has been where you are now. The web page itself doesn’t have any other content on it, all you see is the purchase link and of course the video itself. The video itself is about 1/2 an hour long and also seems very promising. In the video he goes on about all the people online that never tell you what their product is or how it works. Now, the portion of the video that threw up the very first red flag is that he also doesn’t explain to you what his program is either. However something he does do, is he displays himself using the software which only takes a matter of moments and then he says he is done for the day.

At this time I am going to inform you of what the program is actually all about. I bought this program, mainly because I purchase just about every product that comes out to see if it is something that I can recommend to others. A thing that threw up a different red flag is that once you order his product you are lead through 10 to 15 other sales pages trying to get you to shell out more money before you get to the members page. Needless to say I didn’t get any of the 10 to 15 up sells I was offered.

All this “amazing” software does is provide you with search engine results. The way it works is you take a focused keyword for what ever product your promoting and this software performs a search on the search engines and offers you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first few pages of the results. After which you are told that you need to join a pay per view program, which will, by the way will cost you yet another $100, you then enter these URL’s from the search engines in to the pay per view program and you simply pay for the views. You are provided the link to sign up to the pay per view program and not incredibly, it is their affiliate link, so they earn commissions when you join.

In the event you wind up watching the sales video you’ll be told that with very little work you can start getting huge sums of traffic and sales. The quantity of information “left out” of the sales presentation is absolutely nothing short of one big lie. This particular “amazing” software program they are offering is actually a piece of rubbish as you can do the same exact thing but it could take you a few minutes to gather the URL’s. In a nutshell this is just another product that does not provide what they promise. There is a product referred to as “Magic Traffic Accelerator” which can help you obtain targeted visitors and which I do suggest.


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