How to Expand Your Online Business using “My Article Network”!

There are few methods of increasing traffic for your website that will return better results reliably than article marketing. Immense online businesses have been developed completely on article marketing by internet marketers. However, the article marketing landscape is growing more competitive by the day, forcing you to go head to head with tons of other marketers. This has greatly increased the challenges of using article marketing to increase the traffic for your site. Fortunately, paid article marketing services are available that can assist you in getting your articles distributed across the web, enabling you to experience the true benefits of article marketing. My Article Network is one of these services and is comprised of two chief elements. My Article Network offers a service where articles that you submit are syndicated across their partner sites, getting your articles huge exposure. Getting free content added to your own website or blog is the second service offered. We’re going to focus on the first service, article marketing, because of the ability to include links in your submitted content which lead back to your website, thus creating traffic to your site.

My Article Network is simple, easy to use and gets results. Numerous web site owners exist who are seeking original content frequently, and that is how this service offers significant benefits for them. They sign up with My Article Network and agree on publishing articles that are submitted to the network. This allows the website owner to always have new content and for the writers of the articles to have maximum exposure. The writers who submit their articles into the network have them published on these specific sites as “guest blog posts.” But the good thing about the service is that it is different from other article marketing services in terms of link building. Allowing you to say farewell forever to the resource box idea, these articles are permitted to contain hyper links within the text. Even better still, you are able to place You Tube videos right inside the articles as you may place in any type of links that you wish.

One of the other reasons My Article Network scores over other similar services is that it allows you to submit your articles to very specific categories, which means your articles will be published on websites that are highly relevant to your subject. There would be little sense in publishing an article addressing weight loss issues on a site dedicated to computer programming. With these considerations in mind, the service was designed to recognize the importance of categories. The number one search engine in the world, Google, relies on this type of relevant content, and will mathematically appreciate your link when it appears on a website which is related to the content that you deal with. Another advantage of the service is that it allows you to include the the links that you post with the article anywhere within the content. Ask a link-building expert and they’ll tell you that there’s a tremendous advantage to having your links located at the mid-page point of articles appearing on top-quality, relevant sites – it’s a big step above seeing your links at the end of the articles, in the author box.

Article marketing really is an effective technique to help drive traffic to your website, thereby increasing your search engine ranking. And if you want to do it the easy way, you should become a part of My Article Network.

How to Expand Your Online Business using “My Article Network”

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