Writing and selling an eBook online is a great way to
make money. However, the entire process of writing an eBook isn’t easy. The
first and one of the biggest problems with writing an eBook is choosing a
topic to write about. Here are a few tips for how to choose a topic for an

When you begin to think about how to
choose a topic for an eBook, you really need to be concerned with two main
criteria: You want your topic to be interesting to you and you want it to be
popular with others. So, before you even begin to choose a topic you need to
make sure you always keep this criteria in mind.

There are a few different ways for how to choose a
topic for an eBook. One great place to find a topic is online. You can visit
forums within specific niches and read what other people are writing. For
example, if you are in the weight loss niche and you notice that a lot of
people of weight loss forums are discussing the fact that they can’t stay
motivated when they’re dieting then you can write an eBook that helps people
stay motivated.

Of course there are other places online that you can
find ideas for topics for an eBook. You can look on blogs, on media pages,
and on social networking pages. Just make sure you research these topic
ideas. You need to make sure they are popular.

Another great idea for how to choose a topic for an
eBook is to look in a bookstore. Go to the magazines and take a look at what
types of articles magazines are publishing. If the topics are in a magazine
then they are popular. You can also go through the non-fiction books (such
as the “Dummies” books or “Idiot’s”) and take a look at what topics they are
covering. Again, your market research is done for you because publishers
wouldn’t be producing books if the topic wasn’t popular.

There you have a few great ideas for how to choose a
topic for an eBook. You have to remember that any topic you choose should be
interesting to you and should be popular with other people. To get ideas for
eBook topics you can look at forums and other places online and you can
visit a bookstore. There are a lot of great ideas for eBook topics in both