How To Avoid Link Strategy Landmines

How To Avoid Link Strategy Landmines


Finding ways to get your site showing up on the bigger search engines is
crucial if you want to drive a steady stream of targeted visitors to your
pages. However, if you make mistakes with your link building efforts, then
you could find your results are disappointing. Link building looks easy, but
if it’s done wrong you might be compromising some of the critical factors.
You risk wasting a lot of time and money if you make some common mistakes
that tend to ignore those important factors. You can’t complete a correct
link building strategy in a single day, so it matters that your overall
steps are done the right way. There are a few mistakes that you should avoid
during your link building, and in this article we shall be talking about

One of the more common link building mistakes is to try and build backlinks
from sites that have no relevance to your own site’s subject. Building
effective backlinks is about getting links from sites that contain very
similar subjects or keywords to your own. For instance, if your site is
about dating, then getting backlinks from a dog training site is pointless.
It won’t add any value. It can sometimes be a little harder to find quality
websites in the same niche as your own, but it can be done. Regardless of
how small you think your niche is, it’s possible to find plenty of sites
with very similar focus to your own to approach for link building needs.
You’ll find sites like these by typing in your keywords into any search
engine and then checking the results. Simply email the webmasters of these
sites and ask them if they’ll give you a backlink. Some people hesitate at
the idea of approaching webmasters to ask for a backlink, but you’ll be
surprised at how effective it can be. It does take time to contact so many
site owners this way, but the results will be worth your effort. Have a
little patience and keep contacting the owners of relevant sites, instead of
trying to hurry things along with irrelevant sites.

And also there are times when you find a good link, but then the anchor text
is all wrong. Wrong or worthless anchor text will not do much for your
popularity or your SEO. Having targeted keywords in the anchor text is
important. You may also receive a penalty if your backlink anchor text
keyword is wrong. Many marketers make the mistake of thinking the only
important consideration is the backlink itself and the anchor text does not
matter. The keyword that appears in the anchor text is important to help
your page get ranked. The best way to leverage anchor text is to first
research the most effective keywords that you want to rank for, and then
include them in the appropriate links.


In conclusion, if your link building efforts are genuine and you’re able to
avoid the above mistakes, then you will see great results on the long run.
You’ll begin to notice that your site is getting good backlinks that can
really boost your search engine rankings.

How To Avoid Link Strategy Landmines



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