Here’s Why Social Metrics Pro is a Must Have Plugin for Your WordPress Site

First Page Ranking with Social Signals!

Start Measuring Your Social Signals The Way Google Sees It!

How would you know how well you are doing with Social Signals?” Have you ever wondered why, after doing tons of On-page SEO and building a massive amount of backlinks, you still are not getting the ranking you have always wanted?

Guess what! Since the Panda update,
Google has put a lot of effort into tracking Social Signals. In other words, if your site is not visible in the top social networks, you may not get the BEST results out of your current SEO efforts.

It’s so simple! Just add some social marketing to the mix and you may be ahead of your competitors! Believe it or not, Social Signals will influence more and more first page rankings. Google is tracking Social Signals from your sites and it’s at your best interest to start watching your Social Signals!

It’s time to track and measure how well you are doing with Social Signals the way you have always wanted!

The Similarities of FIRST PAGE RANKINGS

Our sister company manages a network of 2,000+ sites. Many of them are generating great revenue and we use part of them as testing grounds for various SEO strategies.

Since the Panda update, we have found that the effect of backlinking and other off-page methods has started to diminish. Although we see more importance being placed on good on-page optimization (especially those that do retain visitors), it’s really not conclusive enough to tell us what’s going on with the algorithm!

That is, until recently! During a review meeting, we saw a group of sites having an extraordinary gain in traffic and keywords ranked. We were curious and hence we ran a check on those sites.

Their similarities: They are the group of sites with which we have done a lot of social marketing!

To Manage, You Must First Be Able To Measure!

So, we knew Social Signals helped. Google confirmed it. Our own tests confirmed it. Our even larger tests proved it. Members of our SEO mastermind confirmed it.

But…is there a way we can concretely measure how effective our social marketing efforts are? We need to have a way to track and measure Social Signals the way Google sees it so that we know where to put more effort on and where to optimize.

We wanted efficiency and accuracy!

How Would You Know How Well You Are Doing With Social Signals?

We created Social Metrics Pro!

With Social Metrics Pro, we were able to measure how each site’s Social Signals were performing. We were able to manage all our sites effectively by simply turning the REDS to GREENS and celebrate increase in traffic and have more keywords ranked!

And now you can have it too!

Since using Social Metrics Pro, instead of blindly working hard on social marketing without knowing how well we are doing, we can now clearly know if we have done enough and actually set rules that each post has to be GREEN in all the networks to pass our review.

It becomes a standard operating procedure, a system anyone can operate!

At Social Metrics Pro, we believe that Social Media Analytics need not be complicated. Social Metrics Pro was built with this thought in mind. It is designed to give you the information you need without unnecessarily complicating things. With your Social Metrics Pro, it’ll be like a breeze even if you are an absolute beginner.

You will get an unmatched edge in Social Search. Have a look at some of the features and benefits you are about to experience with your Social Metrics Pro

Social Metrics Pro Tracks the Social Signals You Care About

Social Metrics Pro provides a powerful dashboard to centrally monitor social activity across leading social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn. You can choose which networks you wish to track. Social Metrics Pro helps you keep an eye on the social activity around your site, conveniently from within your
WordPress admin area.

Sort, Search, Filter Social Signals the Way You Want

Do you want to know which social networks work best for your site? and which of your posts are performing the best on these social networks? With Social Metrics Pro, all this information is available on-demand, with a single click. Social Metrics Pro will let you sort and filter the data as you like. You can perform keyword searches to study posts related to certain topics, and even filter the results by post type, category, publishing date or by post authors. You’ll be able to identify your most popular posts on these social networks with a single click.

Colors to Indicate Relative Popularity

Social Metrics Pro further simplifies your social analytics with Excel-like conditional color formatting. Posts with highest number of shares show up green. Posts with low social media activity show up amber and red. With a single click, you’ll be able to find out which of your posts have gone viral over the social networks and which ones are lagging behind? It’s also going to be sheer fun to see your posts shining green.

Social Metrics Pro Lets You Export to Excel for Further Analysis

What would you do if you want to analyze social metrics by plotting them in Excel? Social Metrics Pro lets you export the filtered, sorted data and custom queries to Excel. You’ll get data in tab-delimited and comma-separated file formats. You can use Excel or any spreadsheet processor of your choice.

Social Metrics Pro is Widgets and Extensions Ready

Social Metrics Pro lets you extend its functionality by using built-in and external widgets. Social Metrics Pro shows the latest stats right on your WordPress dashboard. You can also access the Social Metrics Pro dashboard from the WordPress admin bar.

With simple point-and-click widgets, you can even display your socially popular content on your blog sidebar or anywhere on your site.

Social Metrics Pro is Auto-update Capable

Social Metrics Pro supports 1-click auto-update functionality. You can update your Social Metrics Pro in a single click via WordPress Updates page, or update it manually if you like. You can optionally choose to receive an email notification whenever a new version is released.

This is the First Step to Your Social Media Success!

Simply Turn the REDS to GREENS!

Social Metrics Pro will tell you which of your posts are performing well and which ones are not. Shining posts show up in green, while the ones that are not doing that well show up in red. All you have to do is to turn the reds to greens and you are on your way to social media success.

Turning reds to greens is easy. You will receive our step-by-step guide on how to optimize your site for your social media success. The guide provides practical advice you can start implementing right away and see your Social Metrics Pro dashboard turning green. More than 3862+ experts have read our guide and found the practical advice easy to use and accurate.

We tested Social Metrics Pro on our network of sites. Above is a compiled result from a test on our network of 2,000+ sites over a period of 3 months just by turning the “reds” to “greens” and maintaining them on “green”. The top 10 best performing sites see an improvement of up to 360% more traffic, 410% more keywords ranked into first page of Google and up to 310% more revenues.

Get Started Now

Social Metrics Pro Means Rock-Solid Performance. Guaranteed!

Are you thinking that processing so much of data from different social networks would take your server for a toss? Not with Social Metrics Pro. In fact, you’ll love the speed with which social metrics reports get generated.

It takes just a fraction of a second to generate social metrics reports. If you still care, every page will display the amount of time it took to retrieve the information and the server memory used to gather the data. It’s safe to use even if you are on the smallest babiest hosting!

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Use Social Metrics Pro

Social Media Analytics need not be complicated. Social Metrics Pro will give you the information you need without unnecessarily complicating things. With Social Metrics Pro, it’ll be like a breeze even if you are an absolute beginner.

Imagine, you open your Social Metrics Pro dashboard. You see your popular posts in green and some which are less popular in amber and red. You sort the columns, apply filters by category and date, and use search box to run queries. And in a few clicks, you have the data you want – tabulated in a colorful report. You look at the reports and analyze how each of the posts performed on different social networks.

Now you’re in position to easily identify what works in the social media and what doesn’t. To advance further, export the reports to Excel and plot different graphs. This might give you those insights into your social presence you never realized before. Building on these insights, you will even be able to shape your social media strategy!

Start turning the REDS to GREENS before your competitors! As you know, Google rewards the first mover!

Who Should Use Social Metrics Pro?

You Own and Manage WordPress sites

  • Track your Social Signals automatically
  • Watch which network has your posts/pages shared
  • Turn reds to greens and see increase in traffic!
  • Maintain great social visibility and see more keywords ranked
  • Expect more keywords to rank high on Search Engines!
  • Feel and celebrate the power of Social Media Marketing!

You Outsource Social Media Marketing

  • Ensure “Green” is achieved all the time
  • Easily check how well they do by looking at just ONE table
  • Make Social Marketing Measurable
  • Now you know how well they are doing!
  • A blind effort, now a clear business process

You Are A Professional Social Media Marketing Expert

  • Simplify your job by just checking on the colors!
  • Train your staff to manage campaigns according to colors!
  • Let your clients see the measurable results
  • Knowing that your staff will not waste resources over-optimizing a network!
  • Your attention is only needed on posts/pages with apparent low reds!

You Want To Improve Your Social Signals

  • Score high by turning the Reds to Greens systematically
  • Do it one-by-one and start seeing improvement
  • Never go wrong with under/over-optimizing a network!
  • Your site will rank higher with better social visibility!
  • Instantly outperform 90% of the websites around you.

You Are Completely New To Online Marketing

  • Do the right thing in Social Marketing
  • Improve your Social Signals the way others aren’t doing
  • Instantly see improvement in traffic and ranking beyond expectation
  • Shorten your path to success with social marketing
  • Make social marketing work for you!

How Do I Get Social Metrics Pro

  • Social Metrics Pro Unlimited Sites License (Most Popular): Social Metrics Pro Unlimited provides you the best value. You get a multi-site license, so you can use Social Metrics Pro on all the WordPress sites you own. Get Started Now »
  • Social Metrics Pro Single Site License: If you have only one WordPress site, go for Social Metrics Pro Single-Site. You can upgrade to Social Metrics Pro Unlimited anytime you want right from the plugin settings page. Get Started Now »

Both the plans provide come with complete peace of mind. You get free lifetime updates and free support. You also get a 60-day full money back guarantee on both the plans. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For any reason, if you are not happy with the product, let us know within the first 60 days of your purchase. We’ll promptly refund the full price you paid.

We are confident that you’re going to love the plugin. The insights and practical information you’ll get isn’t just worth the modest cost, but it’s also worth your time and attention. So feel free to test drive the plugin for 60 days.

Ivan Brezak Brkan
Editor of, TechCrunch EU Contributor

“Social Metrics Pro is the essential plugin we use to monitor how
our content performs on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
It’s simple, neat and works precisely as you would expect it. When
we work with our clients such as T-Mobile, the .Me domain name
registry and others, Social Metrics Pro is the plugin we use to
create reports as well as keep track on each bit of content to
optimize it for future performance.”

Adam Small
Marketing Tech Blog

“As with any cool plugin, it solves a very simple problem – how
to view how well your WordPress posts are being promoted”

Kevin Muldoon

Founder of

“Social Metrics is the easiest way to see at a glance which posts
have performed well on social networks” on Smashing Magazine

Lorraine Ball
Creative Director, Roundpeg

“Social Metrics Takes WordPress Stats to the Next Level”

Leo Widrich
Co-Founder of Buffer

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve.” Goes one of the
most important sayings in business. And this is particularly true
for tracking of your social mentions I found.

There were two things that helped me a great deal to increase
sharing after installing Social Metrics: First, I was able to see
that some of my articles would perform much better on networks I
wasn’t particularly using, such as StumbleUpon for example.
Secondly, I could filter out the best performing content more easily
and analyse what makes my readers share. Since then I have focused
strongly on producing and replicating those posts that performed
best.” at


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