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Heart Kids Blogathon

As a supporter of my CHD awareness effort and a donor

in 2008, I thought you’d be interested in hearing this.

On February 14th, I’m doing the 24-hour Heart Kids

Blogathon to raise awareness and funds for congenital

heart defects surgery in under-privileged children.

Over the years, this event has played a major part in

raising over $135,000 and we have sponsored 60 surgeries

until now.

As detailed in my new book, “47 HEARTS” (which also is

set to launch on the same day), I have an ambitious goal

to fund 47 operations in 2010 – and to do that, I need

your help and support.

If you can, please make a donation.  You’ll be part of

one “47 Hearts GROUP”, a team that raises enough to

fund one child’s heart operation.


And if cash is tight, I understand.  You can still help

spread the word by letting your friends and family know

about the event on February 14th, and inviting them to

drop by the website here:


Thank you from my heart for caring enough to help.

I look forward to interacting with you on Twitter or on

my blog during the Heart Kids Blogathon/Tweet-a-thon this


All success


Heart Kids Blogathon

  • FDA approves novel heart valve from Medtronic (seattletimes.nwsource.com)
  • Medtronic Heart Device is Approved (nytimes.com)
  • Bypass procedure used during infant heart surgery does not impair later neurological outcomes (scienceblog.com)


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