One of the biggest difficulties facing any Internet marketer has to be that they have a hard
time driving traffic to their websites. Of course what you really want is
targeted traffic which can be in fact much harder to get. Here we are planning
to explain why you need targeted visitors and also why it is so much better than
every other kind of traffic you can receive. In addition we are also going to
explain to you how you can use social media sites to acquire the targeted
prospects you need.

So what is traffic? Whenever a person visits your site, that is viewed as
traffic. There are plenty of methods for getting traffic to your website and you can
get hundreds or even thousands of website visitors every day, but unless this
traffic is targeted you might not make a sale. This is because this isn’t
targeted visitors. Targeted prospects, is actually visitors that reached your
website because they are interested in whatever you have to offer. Targeted
traffic is when a person reads an ad for something your selling on your website
and they are actually interested in purchasing that product, and so they click
this link to go to your internet site.

A great way to acquire targeted traffic to your websites and affiliate links is
by using social media sites. Lets have a glimpse at YouTube. This one social
media website will get over a billion page views each day. Over half of the
traffic that YouTube generates is coming from the various search engines. Here’s
how this happens each day. Somebody would go to a search engine and does a
search for, “How To Build A Bird House”. Once the results come back we can see a
YouTube video on the 1st page, and you want to watch an individual do it since
it is simpler to learn this way. And because most individuals can understand
things simpler if they watch somebody else do it first, they will wind up
viewing that video.

Now this is where the targeted prospects portion will come in. You don’t want to
give them too much information in the video then at the end of the video include
a screen shot or simply tell people that they will get complete directions by
using the link in the description. And in the description of the video clip is a
hyperlink which sends that individual to a website that provides a book showing
people how to build different types of birdhouse’s. And because your marketing
to them a product or service that they need, this is considered targeted
traffic. The chances of these folks purchasing the information is much greater
than individuals who saw this website in a traffic exchange.

Of course there are other social media websites you may use besides YouTube.
Simply find these types of social media sites and prepare a video or even set up
a web page which focuses on certain keywords. Also, since these
social media websites
can be so powerful you will
possibly not need to worry about any other kind of advertising again. Another
thing you should remember whenever advertising like this on social media sites
is to not make your pages to look like spam. Should you develop a bunch of
spammy type web pages or break their guidelines they’re going to just remove
your pages and stop your memberships to those websites which means you can’t use
their services any longer. And so read their service terms.


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