GFX Video Writer

Incansoft products are all very good, my favorites are the GFX
Video Writer, the Translator and the SocialBot.

I was always afraid that it will take me a long time to
create a video, even though I have bought all the other expensive programs I
never used them. My son created a video in a couple of hours using one of those,
it was beautiful but it  was not what I wanted,

So I decided to prove to him that I can create a video
without all the fancy items in a few minutes using GFX Video Writer.

And I did it , I just copy paste from my sales page the
bullet points the images copy and paste, I selected the background sound and press
create and that was it. I had my first video, and it was exactly what I wanted.

I have created several videos since then and stopped
outsourcing. No more corrections ,bidding, and emails with outsourcing that
I was forced to use.

Now anytime I want to promote a new offer I take the
pictures the best traits of the product that I am promoting , create a video
using GFX Video Writer upload to You tube then I take the code an embedded in my
blog post , check this example here.

Another example of a video that I created using GFX
Video Writer, it ranks number one in You tube, there are other videos with
thousands of views and older,  my video has only  a couple of hundred
views, what makes the Difference ? in
You Tube type "ETF Trend Trading System
Course”  my video has in the title "ETF Trend Trading System Course” and in
the description "ETF Trend Trading System Course” that is one reason it is
number one.

Always put the in title of the video your  first keyword or the name of the
product you are promoting

First word of the description same as the title plus my url a sentence and a call
to action.

One tip that can increase your CTR is creating your last
frame of your Video with your url and a call to action, and repeat this last
frame 3 times so it will stay longer before the next or replay screen shows up.

You can also create a header for every frame and a footer
with your url.

It is very easy to create copies of your video, by
creating a different output file with a different format.

You can also change only the color of the background of
the video and create new copies for every color

If you do a search in
YouTube for the word  you will see a green and a blue video.

Do not forget to use a different description  for
each Video that you upload.

So take your articles select the buying keywords, get some
free pictures, create a video and dominate your market.

You can use tubemogul or trafficgeyser  to syndicate
your Videos.

Also promote your videos by bookmarking them and embedding
then in your facebook and myspace applications.

 GFX Video Writer


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GFX Video Writer

With GFX Video Writer, you can produce a video ready for
uploading in 10 to 15 minutes, a video that includes text, graphics and audio –
all managed by one simple, low-cost Windows program.


  • Import articles or copy and paste
  • Choose from a variety of fonts, text styles, sizes
    and colors
  • Add headers and footers to individual slides, or the
    entire presentation
  • Insert your own images into slides
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds, or import your
  • Choose from a variety of slide transitions
  • Choose a display time duration for each slide, or
    choose one default time for the entire presentation
  • Choose from a large variety of included background
  • Record your own voiceover for your video articles
  • One-click video production in normal or high quality
  • Choose from AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, SFW or WMV output


GFX Video Writer




Easily Create Videos from Articles and Text









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GFX Video Writer





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