With all of today’s technological advancements, the way we
market and sell services and products on the Internet, specifically in the IM niche, is
constantly shifting. Until recently, virtually all sales letters were chiefly
made up of formatted text. Now, what we see are state-of-the-art graphics
packages mixed with top-level copywriting. Another development is the video
sales letter and with each new trend, it is not hard to be left behind. Making
things even harder is the growing public awareness of these tactics; this allows
people to quickly find out the true nature of a sales letter and click away from
it. Luckily, there’s another new sales strategy that’s working extremely well to
increase conversions these days – the “webinar”, our subject here.

It’s been long shown that the first thing you must do is get people to feel they
know you and trust you. As more people compete in the online marketing niche,
that trust has become threatened with the release of some dubious products and
the claims that come with them. The issue is, how can those of us who take pride
in selling good products of true value be heard amidst all the dishonesty and
junk? This is where webinars enter the scene. For many of us, webinars have
become our most dependable sales tool. Basically, a webinar is an online seminar
to which you are invited by the product owners themselves or one of their

If you’ve already participated in a webinar, you are aware that it was set for a
certain day and time, and it was live. Usually, the host share lots of free
information and access to different marketing tools, while building the
participants’ respect for him and his services. Some webinars have more than one
individual sharing the presentation duties based on their individual skills and
knowledge. It’s common that towards the end of the webinar, an offer will be
made to the people who attended and the conversions can be high, as by that time
there should be sufficient evidence of the value being shown.

One problem with a live webinar is finding a time that suits everyone as you
could be presenting to an international audience. It is possible to schedule
more than once for the live event but today it is typical to post a replay of
the presentation for people who could not attend. However, as you’d really like
that most folks attend the live presentation, it’s common practice to offer
something more, something special, to individuals who actually attend the live
event. The idea of pre-recorded presentations that can in essence be accessed
some time later to suit the customer is relatively new to the webinar scene. One
other fine aspect of recording your webinar is that it can be run and rerun
whenever you want, as much as you want, with no further effort on your part.
This also allows you to eliminate or handle any problems or mistakes that may
happen during the live presentation.

Bottom line: Take some time and learn a bit about doing webinars — your bottom
line will reward you very well, rest assured.


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