Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and 3
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It’s late and I just got off the phone with my

brother who reminded me of a bet we had on

St. Patrick’s Day when we were kids.

St. Patrick’s Day is a special day in my heart for

many reasons. One being that it is the day as a

boy I bet my older brother $5 that I could find

a four leaf clover.

He said there was not a chance. He was so confident

because later I found out he already searched the

front yard and could not find any. After searching

long and hard all day, I came up with nothing. He

thought he won that day. For a few hours I thought

the same. After supper it hit me that the day

was not officially over until midnight. I snuck out

at night and with a flashlight looked until almost

midnight in the backyard. A few minutes before

midnight at the verge of giving up, I finally found

one. I woke him up and said, “Pay up!”

He said only if he could keep it. I didn’t care; I only

wanted the $5, so I agreed. Later I found out, he bet a

school buddy $10, he could find one. So the next

day he collected! Talk about a good trade for him.

What does this have to do with your trading? Three

things. First if your financial advisor says you

really have no options besides “holding on until it

comes back” he is dead wrong. Just like my brother

who thought there were no four leaf clovers.

Secondly, if you have traded other systems that let

you down don’t give up. The fact that you are on my

email list means you have not given up yet.

Consequently, we have something in common. Neither

one of us gave up. The $5 I won was nothing in

comparison to the lesson of persistence. The years

of fine tuning my strategies and previously doing

trades as high as 50 million (with leverage) as a

former money manager has also paid off. I might be

your midnight hour, and you could be at the brink

of giving up on systems, but I’m here to tell you this:

try one last time. That is why I offer a money back

guarantee. I am that confident my system will blow

away anything else you have ever tried.

The third lesson is that my brother turned a loss

into a win. Not only did he do that, but it was his

plan from the beginning. Therefore, you can turn

your trading or mutual fund losses into profit. It

might not have been your plan from the beginning,

but this market crash might have caused you to

consider your options and that is how you found me.

Not only can you make it all back, but you can make

much more over the years than you ever would have

with the buy, hold and pray method.

Here is a short list of what sets my course apart:

– Live trades called the night before the market

opens. On my daily member’s blog, I call the entries,

stops, targets and add positions down to the penny


This lets you double check your work as you are going

through the learning curve. If you don’t want to learn

the full system, you don’t need to because you can

just follow the blog.

– 100% support. I offer 12 months email support and

do two live weekly one hour member webinar.

– Clear entry, exit and stop rules. Revolutionary money

management techniques. Most gurus don’t even know what

position sizing is let alone how to teach it or how to do

advanced position sizing strategies . That is the only

way to trade along with modified reverse pyramiding that

lets you keep your risk low in all market conditions

while still keeping your profit potential high for when

a new trend breaks out.

ETF and stock scanning software

. This program scans

thousands of stocks daily and finds only the best

trades according to one of my trading entry rules.

– 90 day money back guarantee as stated on my homepage.

Even though I am not open to new students at this time

consider the 3 trading lessons above as you have a great

Saint Patrick’s day.

Pinch me if I’m not wearing green,

Big A


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