You must have heard that e-mail marketing is among the best approaches to be certain that you’re getting traffic to your site. Of course many individuals who are just getting started in the online world really don’t realize that there are different forms of e-mail marketing and some of them are a total waste of time. Here we are going to discuss some of the more popular types of e-mail marketing. We will also let you know which ones to stay away from as well as which ones will be worth your time and energy.

E-mail marketing using safe lists is the very first type of marketing we shall be dealing with. For people who are completely new, safe list marketing is when you join a list and you are able to e-mail everybody within that list. Not surprisingly all the other members that are in that list are additionally permitted to e-mail you. The only reason folks join these types of lists is so they can send out their offers to other folks. For this reason you could find yourself sending out a huge number of e-mails and never end up getting them opened. And when your e-mail messages are not being opened there seriously is no reason for you to be sending them or even joining these kinds of lists.

The following sort of e-mail marketing is actually credit based safe lists. The foundation of this particular list is pretty much the same as the safe list marketing above but there is one main difference. In order for you to send your e-mails out, you must earn credits, and you do this by opening other individuals e-mails and visiting their sites. What you will find if you experiment with this type of e-mail marketing is that you may possibly get a little response from the e-mails that you send out. The time involved with earning credits is not really worth the results you get from the e-mails you send out. One thing that these forms of lists are good for is to help you build your own e-mail list.

And on that note, we’re going to talk about building your own list. Building your own e-mail list will be the best possible type of e-mail marketing you can carry out. What you are going to learn about this is that the people on your list are in fact targeted as well as interested in what you have to offer. Safe lists will usually be filled with people who are all marketing Internet marketing products and they really don’t care about any various other niches. The men and women who work with safe lists are not only, not interested in what various other men and women are selling but they are in addition not interested in any other niche than Internet marketing. For those of you who look at it this way, when you have a list of people interested in your niche or what you are marketing, you will find that you will end up creating sales from the people on your list.

On the subject of the safe lists you really should have came to the realization by now that these kinds of methods are not worth your time. And if you want to get in to e-mail advertising and marketing you should also begin building your own personal e-mail list whenever you can.


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