Digi List Builder powerful list building plug in for WordPress!

Only $97.00

Digi list builder is NOT JUST a
WordPress Plugin that pop out a opt in page. View the video for more information

If you want a great optin plugin for your WordPress blog, do check out this
offer. It’s ending soon.

Builds your list on complete autopilot: you just
select how you want to get the subscriptions… then sit back and watch your
optin rate skyrocket!

Gets your opt-ins up and running in seconds: if there’s one thing I know
about marketers, it’s that we don’t want to spend ages messing around with code.
Because every second you spend doing that is a second you could be making money!
Digi List Builder lets you put the opt-in boxes you need onto your blog with
just a few clicks of the mouse.

Gives you access to the biggest guns in online marketing: you know that
different targets respond better to different tactics. Digi List Builder allows
you to turn your blog into a multiple assault platform for opt-ins, building in
the systems that will appeal to 99% of your traffic.

Use any opt-in you want, anytime, anywhere: want a Sidebar opt-in? Easy,
it’s all pre-loaded and can be activated in two minutes. Want a light box?
Simple, it’s yours with a few clicks. Want auto-optin on the comments? Well why
wouldn’t you, they’ve been proven to make your subscriptions come in three times
as fast! You can have it on your blog in seconds. You’ll have all this firepower
and a heck of a lot more.

Makes subscribing so easy your visitors won’t be able to avoid it: every
time you ask someone to put in any effort, however small, to sign up to your
list you’re giving them a chance to stop. This is losing you addresses and
losing you money! Digi List Builder makes the sign-up process as smooth as
possible by automatically filling in the visitor’s name and e-mail into your
opt-in form, so all they have to do is click one button.

Puts the power of professional software in your hands: When I knew what I
wanted in Digi List Builder, I wanted to get the best possible product. I worked
with a professional programming team to produce something top quality. Sure, it
was expensive, but the money I’m making from my list now means it was one of
the best investments I ever made
… but that’s why you lot are far smarter
than I am… you waited for me to put in the investment so you can buy it for a
ridiculously low price as a WSO
because you know just what a generous guy I am!

Here are the most beneficial features the Digi
List Builder has to offer:

  • Works with any list building service, no need to
    spend lots of money for the popular opt in services
  • easy to install and use, set it up in just minutes
    from now
  • several options to customize the graphics and the
  • use your comment section to build your list
    (extremely powerful)
  • use a pop up (unblock able) to bring your free
    offer directly in front of your visitors
  • it never was so easy to build a huge mailing list
    almost on autopilot
  • add your Opt in form to the end of your post, your
    sidebar, as pop up or use your comment form
  • 2 month money back guarantee, so there is
    absolutely no risk for you involved
  • user driven product development, You want a
    specific feature, use your creativity to help to optimize this product, this
    means : more features coming soon

The Digi List Builder plug in is
developed by Andy Fletcher, and it really is worth every cent
of the money.

If you just cant wait to get your hands on the
Digi List Builder
, make sure to use

this link to make your purchase


v1.1 – 13th December 2010

– Optins on pages (you can configure this separate to optins on posts)

– Ability for users to close the footer bar

– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the footer bar to be hidden

v1.2 – 18th December 2010

– Set a different optin for each post/page (or use the same on them all)

– Customize the background color

– Customize the font color

– Ability to not show the light box on the homepage if you want

– Ability to delay the light box by X seconds, great for teaser content

– Fixed a load of bugs that stopped it working with various themes

So how do you get from where you are
now to making huge amounts of money with Digi List Builder?

Easy. All you need to do is follow these 5 steps – it’s this simple:

1. Download your copy of Digi List Builder now and upload to your WordPress

2. Copy and paste your auto-responder details…

3. Select which opt-ins you want on your blog and turn on the plugin…

4. Sit back and let the subscriptions roll in…

5. Profit!

Digi List Builder is designed to be the easiest way for you to build a huge
list, and that doesn’t stop with the product design. To guarantee that this will
be one of the easiest ways you’ve ever made money, you will also get access to a
dedicated support team.

You will benefit from:

Unlimited e-mail support forever: I think Digi List Builder is so easy to
use you’ll never need this, but if you ever have a problem then I’m just one
e-mail away. Any problem you have, I’ll get back to you inside one working day.

Total compatibility guarantee: you know how annoying it is when WordPress
release an update and suddenly all your plugins don’t work, so I’m going to
guarantee that will never happen. Digi List Builder will be kept up to date with
the latest version of WordPress and you’ll receive all of these new editions
absolutely free.

Regular updates: Anyone who’s ever bought one of my plugins before knows
that I find it really hard to stop making them better, but I don’t want anyone
who’s been brave enough to get in early to miss out. That’s why you’ll get
regular updates every time I add a new feature. No monthly payment, no update
fee. It’ll be yours, all for free.

Order Digi List Builder now only $97.00


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