In the last post, I shared the deadly “Crowd Control Formula”

which has been responsible for the huge amount of money and

success that Adeel C and Bobby Walker have been

seeing with affiliate marketing on Facebook™ recently.

It’s the same formula that has generated $14,833.57 on

average for their beta testers, and made them a small

fortune on the side too.


The amount of cash you can pump out of Facebook™ on any

given day can double or triple most hard working employees

entire monthly wages.

If you’re still stuck in a dead-end job, I’m not saying this

to rub it in… I’m saying this to show you THERE IS hope.

Anyone with half a brain can do this, especially with the

right plan of action.

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The “Crowd Control Formula” gave you the core principles of

what you need to do, from picking the right product, finding

the cash pockets, making other people do all the work for you,

and leveraging Facebook™’s secret hot buttons…

But at the end of that meaty email, I told you that it


There was STILL one final roadblock that kinda pooped on their



“The hidden roadblock”


You see, despite their success with these test campaigns,

and despite making what many would consider a full time

income just through Facebook™, Adeel and Bobby had problems…

1. Facebook™ started getting tough

2. There was too much set up hassle

3. Overall, it was a total time suck

4. They were not making enough cash as they wanted to

So they almost jacked it all in like so many other projects.

People tried to tell them “I told you so.” But you know

what? That makes us want it more, right?

So Bobby and Adeel went quiet for a while. They left us, and

went back to square one… back to the lab, deep underground.

In the lab, questions were asked…

“WHY aren’t people clicking and buying?”

“WHY aren’t I getting enough traffic?”

“WHY are Facebook™’s staff out to get me?”

“HOW can I speed this up and get rich faster?”

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They returned with 3 golden rules…


In order to really get the cash pumping from Facebook™, and

turn this system into a real money maker for all affiliates

and people like you and me, there were three golden rules

that Bobby and Adeel came back with…

1. It had to avoid Facebook™’s strict policies

2. It had to be streamlined and easy to do over and over

without error

3. It had to be as hands free (and QUICK) as possible

So, here is how they did it…

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1. They used sneaky tricks to find products that

certain people go CRAZY for

2. They targeted Facebook™ users who were a perfect match

for their offers… and did it with sniper sharp accuracy

3. They did their homework on modern day sales tactics and

tricks which work perfectly on Facebook™ when done right…

and they didn’t need to use any kind of pressure or

hyperbole (which is why most marketers get booted off

Facebook™ and never make any money)

4. They made certain that each cash method had a clear,

simple set of rules to follow in order to duplicate the same

cash windfalls over and over again (instead of starting from

scratch every single time). This drastically increased the

speed of getting started and scaling up.

5. They devised a formula for ramping up the traffic and

profits, and delivering more value to turn people into

rabid buyers, desperate for their offers.

**AND IT WORKED!** In fact, it worked so well,

that’s when they decided to roll out more testing

to bigger groups of people.

Guess what? It worked for them too!

After a few weeks, phone calls and emails started rolling

in… people were BUZZING over their results.

The traffic, clicks and sales they were reporting knocked

all of us off our feet.


What have Adeel and Bobby created here? Could this be the

answer we have all been looking for? A f.ree, easy and FUN

way to seriously dominate affiliate marketing on Facebook™?

…..To reach traffic volumes never seen before?

…..To reach paychecks to a level never reached

by others before?

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After running more and more campaigns… more offers, more

links, more tests, the results just kept on coming in.

You’ve seen the numbers already… and they’re still growing

as we speak.




You see, what most marketers forget when they are on these

sites trying to get traffic and make money, is that you

still need to use the GROUND ZERO formula as taught in

the Hyper FB Traffic system..

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It may sound complicated or beyond your skill level, but

trust me, if complete beginners can follow this stuff, then

so can you…

And guess what…

…when you combine some of these age old techniques with

the viral power of Facebook™, it suddenly becomes clear WHY

and HOW certain marketers are making seven figures per year

from Facebook™ alone.

So clear in fact, that I kicked myself several times.

After I put these tried and true techniques into an already

killer Facebook™ marketing system, and tweaked my content

and pages accordingly, the money just came RAINING DOWN like


My own weird Facebook™ marketing test had suddenly become a

cash hungry, 90 MPH monster.

Now I want to show YOU exactly how this final formula works,

how this “beast” practically runs itself, and how everything

fits together to create a totally ethical, easy and deadly

affiliate cash machine, thanks to those lovely peeps at Facebook™!


Here’s the kicker – There’s NO BEGINNER BARRIERS!


…no need for outside software or years of experience

…no need for a website or silly blog

…no need for tons of start up money

…no need to write articles or do any SEO

…just follow this deadly, underground blueprint and you’ll

be well on your way to that elusive “beach office.”

After months of hard work putting this together, I can now

finally say that Bobby and Adeel are just days away from

sharing this thing with the general public.

This system is going to be available on Tuesday September 7th

at this link right below… (mark it in your calendar!)

It’s going to be available here:

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In just a few days, you’ll have a system in place that can

and WILL be making you more cash from home than you thought

possible… even if you’re already making good money online,

or if you’re a total fresh-faced beginner.

The whole point is, nothing comes close to the amount of

traffic and sales Facebook™ can generate for you, and with

the right system to follow, the cash is pretty unstoppable.

I just hope this doesn’t get into the wrong hands, and I

believe Adeel and Bobby are already putting barriers in

place to protect their system from the bad eggs.

(it’ll most likely be limited to a set number of people)

Tomorrow, I’m going to walk you through the entire system in

detail. I’ll show you exactly what it involves, who’s behind

it, why it’s truly different, more reasons why it works so

well, who it’s right for, and what it is truly capable of.

Don’t miss out, you’ve come too far to let this one slip by

you. Tomorrow’s post will be an education in itself,

showing you what it really takes to make Facebook™ SPIT OUT

COINS faster than those slot machines in Vegas, all day

long for you…

…and YES, on 99% hands-free complete AUTO-PILOT too.

It doesn’t get much easier than this folks….



PS. The buzz for this course has been OUT OF THIS WORLD…

over 4506+ people just like you have left comments on the

blog and are DYING to get their hands on this system that

unfortunately will be limited.

Over 900 people have also ‘LIKED’ the site on Facebook™ and

it’s clearly going viral and is blowing up like NOTHING I

have ever seen before.

Quite frankly, I’m SCARED.

I don’t know what kind of monster they’ve created here,

but it’s certainly making me wake up in cold sweats…

Only 2 days remain…

On Tuesday, 7th September


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Engaging Customers with Facebook Applications

With the rapid advancement in the Internet and its increasing user presence, the
medium has become a preferred means of communicating directly with customers.
Among the most popular activities on the Internet is the voracious usage of
social networking sites.

With its open architecture and wide range of functionalities, Facebook stands as
the number one social networking site. There are many reasons for this cult
followership of Facebook. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging
of friends and related users on shared items is yet another great Facebook
feature. Facebook also allows creation of secured groups and publicly available
fan pages regarding your own brands.

The Facebook applications are its most popular components. Facebook has an open
platform for web developers and programmers to create different applications to
run applications from within its framework.

What is new about Facebook applications?

Until the option of applications was incorporated, the Facebook features were
more about conventional social media usage, such as adding friends and creating
groups pertaining to common interests and affiliations.

Applications initiated by Facebook expanded the function of the site toward more
interesting features, which included social gaming, where you could include
friends and even unknown participants from around the world. The big leap
happened when Facebook opened its programming platform to developers around the
world, who could develop applications and submit it to Facebook. These
applications are made live for public usage once they are certified by Facebook.

How do applications help brand marketing?

On an average, a user would spend no more than a few seconds on the homepage or
any other text rich section of a website. Similarly, on Facebook, text-based
sections have their own limitations when it comes to holding attention of the
users on the same page. That is where rich content and applications come into

A game, such as Scrabulous or UNO, on Facebook can engage a user for hours.
Social games like Farmville have brought about a new genre of Social Gaming,
which is the latest buzzword in gaming circles.

For a brand, a Facebook application can serve as an effective tool to gather and
engage captive audience for a longer stretch of time. Users hooked on a
particular game or application on Facebook will stay with it until the
completion of the game. Brands have smartly used the opportunity to insert their
logos and branding very subtly in the game. Subtle messages like these are known
to give more brand recall and attitude change compared to intrusive

Much to the delight of a marketer, Facebook provides usage stats of subscribers,
which gives insight into the profile of users that the brand attracts. This can
be compared with the intended target audience of the brand, and campaign
modifications can be done based on the findings. Unlike most surveys that are
based on sample estimate, what you get to see here is a summary based on each
and every user who has added the application.

Developing Applications for Your Brand

Unlike most other participative aspects of social media, developing applications
for Facebook requires adequate programming knowledge. Facebook has its own set
of guidelines for the creation and submission of applications. Developers
working on the Facebook framework must be updated with the guidelines defined by
the site for any application to run. Brand owners need to avail services of a
developer who knows all the steps that go into the creation of successful
Facebook applications to ensure that their brand makes its presence through one
of the most engaging options available in online media.

Crowd Control Formula | This is what kills most affiliates DEAD on Facebook

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