“Quickly And Easily Generate Unique
Videos For Leads Or Production Work Using
Brand New
Technology – The Video Spinner Script!”

Turn ONE Video Into HUNDREDS…




Includes State Of The Art
Text-To-Speech Synthesizer That Will Actually Read Your Script!


This Tool
Has Many Uses:


  • Do a video for a potential client to get your
    “foot in the door”. 


  • Create a niche video with standard images and
    simply change the business 

    info to quickly generate videos in certain niche and generate leads.


  • Create professional looking videos for local
    clients. Get paid high $$$ for quick and easy work. 


  • Generate videos to drive traffic to your website.

The Video Spinner will randomize images each
time you generate a video!





Imagine the possibilities for lead and traffic
generation as well as production services for local businesses! You
would NEVER run out of clients using this tool alone as your main
revenue generator…

30 Day No-Risk Guarantee!


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“This Means That You Can Generate HUNDREDS

Of Unique Videos At Will!” 


How It Works – Using The Video Spinner

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

How Cool Is That?

Each “Click” Generates A Unique Video! 


30 Day No-Risk Guarantee!

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What Will Your Videos Look Like? 

Actual Videos Created And Posted By


YouTube – incas kitchen


Here’s What You

  • A downloadable version of the script. This means you host it on your
    own server, and the “install” requires that you just UPLOAD it
    – takes 10 seconds!
  • Access to instructional videos on producing videos
    • How to
      generate leads and find businesses on facebook who would love your
    • How to use another popular site to generate videos that lead to
      tons of repeat business
    • How to
      legally search and “steal” hundreds of background music tracks for
      your videos.
    • How to privately host your demo videos (for free)

      30 Day No-Risk Guarantee!

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Video Spinner Script


  • One-time fee to own the script. (No monthly fees)
  • Unlimited images can be used to generate the videos
  • Randomize the image order
  • Use some or all of the images to generate different versions
  • High quality text-to-speech synthesizer will read your script
  • Spinnable text: the video title, description, and text-to-speech
    text are all spinnable, meaning you can automatically create hundreds of
    unique videos with just a click.
  • Choose from hundreds of free background music files or provide your
  • Watermark text allows you to brand the video or mark it as a “demo”
    for lead-gen purposes.
  • Footer text can be placed that is seen for the entire video. Great
    for a web address or phone number.
  • Add latitude/longitude coordinates to mark your location on YouTube.
    Great for local biz/offline marketing.
  • Post directly to any YouTube account.
  • Save/Import profiles to quickly reload and reproduce videos.

Text used in the title, description, and even the
text-to-speech generator can be “spun” using standard spin-formatted


30 Day No-Risk Guarantee!

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