CPA marketing is the hottest trend in the Internet marketing world and that’s
for a reason – it can make you rich, but only if you know what you’re doing. The
new course about CPA,

Confidential Conversions
, was created by Philip Mansour who is a highly
successful affiliate and CPA marketer. Mansour talks about fundamental and
advanced approaches that he has used with great success over the years. But
please be aware that this course is about CPA marketing and not internet
marketing, in general. It’s aimed at only those people who want to learn
everything about making money with CPA marketing. You get to learn about PPC
networks that can give you insane amounts of traffic at a very low cost. These
PPC networks are not a huge secret, but on the other hand they’re not used by
tons of marketers. What is it about Confidential Conversions that makes it so
unique from other courses? It’s the approach to PPC advertising plus learning
how to specifically use it with certain networks. Another critical learning
you’ll receive involves decreasing your CPC so you can achieve the highest yield
from your advertising investment. The course comes with 3 well laid out video
modules that have over 30 eye opening videos that take you by hand. So we’ll now
go over the three modules and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – Here’s is all the low-down on
non-Google/Bing PPC advertising sources and platforms because it’s a mistake to
think it’s only about Google. It’s really not all about Bing, Yahoo, and Google
when it comes to PPC. These are underground platforms that have been used by
many super affiliates on a regular basis. Ok, what will happen is you’ll be shown
what these sites are, and then you’ll be walked through with getting up to speed
and making money with them. Setting-up your PPC campaigns for minimum ad spend
and maximum conversions is what it’s all about, and you’ll also be shown how to
do that, too.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – Very exciting module, here, because you’ll learn
all about the future of advertising that is just beginning to happen.

But if you’re wondering if all offers convert the same with mobile marketing,
they don’t, but you’ll discover which ones do. Mobile marketing is actually
great if you’re just starting out because it’s not a saturated field, so that
means the ad costs are astonishingly low.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – This module shows you how to take advantage of
the search engine traffic using a few little known techniques. What you learn
here is not going to be about search engine optimization but more about using
certain sites to boost your profits. Once you get inside, everything will make

Confidential Conversions is a course about
that addresses the needs of those who desire to succeed with CPA

Confidential Conversions – Can This Course Be


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