I have recently been learning a revolutionary new way to both promote and target
Amazon affiliate products that i believe you really need to see…the word
Revolutionary just does not do it justice!

This new strategy was created by a long-time Amazon affiliate, Ryan Stevenson.

In the video, he really goes into a lot of detail about the idea behind the
strategy, how it works, how it can benefit you as an Amazon affiliate, and even
how it can help you get more targeted search engine traffic by targeting unique
opportunities created by this new method.

Best of all, Ryan has also created an amazing software package that will allow
you to easily put this new strategy into action.

This new software package is called ComboZon, and it is designed to work for any
Amazon affiliate because it includes three products: a WordPress plugin, a Web
Edition, and a Facebook App.

It is an Amazon affiliate ad generator but unlike ANY you have EVER seen before!

First of all, ComboZon was specially designed to tackle this new Amazon
affiliate strategy.

To sum it up briefly, the new strategy is to actually bundle multiple Amazon
affiliate products of any quantity into a single advertisement and affiliate

Just think about the possibilities here… more products in each ad will mean
higher monthly quantity sales and higher commissions per customer.

In addition to that, this opens up a whole new world of affiliate advertising
and search engine keyword opportunities – you’ll really have to watch Ryan’s
video to see what I mean.

Not only is the idea behind ComboZon a game-changer, but this software is quite
amazing too.

The ad manager lets you search for products, edit your ad and preview your ad
all at the same time.

In fact, you actually get a live ad preview while you work, so the design
process is quite sleek.

The live ad preview also uses an awesome edit-in-place technology that simply
lets you click something in your ad to edit it – this isn’t your ordinary Amazon
ad creator!

Remember I mentioned that ComboZon is actually three software products in one?

Obviously, the WordPress plugin can be used to insert ads into your
posts/pages/widgets wherever you want, but the Web Edition and Facebook App
versions of ComboZon truly make it unique.

The Web Edition and Facebook App are designed to create Amazon product bundle
ads for almost any website.

These two versions actually generate your entire Amazon bundle ad as a single
image file with a single affiliate link, so you can then use it anywhere you
want (WordPress, Squidoo, or any other website where images and standard links
are supported).

ComboZon has just been released to the public, and the price is going up with
each sale.

Considering that this is going to be one of the hottest Amazon products of the
year, make sure you secure your copy as quickly as you can to get it for the
cheapest price.


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