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* Discovered back in 2007 – almost by mistake

* Chris set this up and actually forgot about
it… until he checked his accounts!

* How to start making Clickbank-Cash

* How this should be the very last product that
you ever buy – you are no longer a consumer,
you are a marketer…

* The Clickbank-Cash System Blueprint with step-
by-step instructions

* You will get all of the basics that you need,
followed by the detail and the actual set-up
videos that Chris used to teach his brother and
his sister how to do this!

* The video series is like Chris is in the room
with you. Pause him, rewind him, or listen to him
again and again – whenever you want to set-up a
new set-and-forget Clickbank-Cash System…

* My $1,000+ per day system, which runs for
months and months

* This system was tested on his brother and
his sister, so he knows it works…

* The ultimate set-and-forget system

* How to take this system and run it outside
of Clickbank and scale it up to make as
much as you want…

* You get the chance to start selling one of
his proven recurring billing products, paying
you over and over again!

Big Residual Income – With ClickBank…

How do you fancy setting something
up that will pay you over and over
for something that you did just the

I thought so…

This is why I want to tell you about
something that Chris Cobb calls his
set-and-forget system.

Back in 2007 Chris discovered this
technique almost by mistake… He
thought he was getting paid by
mistake at the time… but the money
just kept on coming…

On the page below, you’re going to
see the power of recurring billing,
you’re going to see how you can
start doing this with Clickbank –
both as the product owner and as an
affiliate – and he’s even going to
give you the chance to use one of
his proven products to get you

So, if you’re looking for something
that isn’t just going to pay you
once, but over and over again, month
after month after month, then this
is it… this is the page that you
need to go to…

If you’re looking for something that
is fully scalable – to make you
thousands every month or even millions,
then this is it…

And if you’re just looking to make
some Clickbank-Cash, then head over to
this page now and reserve your place.

When you get there you’ll see why Chris
doesn’t want too many people in on this,
and you’ll also get the chance to pick
up one of his fast mover bonuses, and
also the chance to start selling an
already proven, profitable membership
site… as if it was your own…

Go to this page now and get started:


Clickbank-Cash Is Rocking…

I’m not sure if you caught my
e-mail from a couple of days ago,
but I wanted to send you this quick
follow-up, because I’ve just heard
from Chris Cobb.

He told me that Clickbank-Cash is
selling so fast that he’s going to
have to pull the plug on the Fast
Mover Bonus soon, increase the price,
or maybe even close the doors.

He said that he just can’t handle too
many more clients to work with on
this, so this is just a quick e-mail
to let you know that today could very
well be your final chance to reserve
a place for this…

I’ve taken a look at what you’re going
to get – on the inside – and it’s a
product package that I highly recommend.

You’ll be getting not just the info on
how he has done this, but you’ll also
see actual examples and proven systems
and methods that he has used to extract
money from Clickbank, day after day,
week after week and month after month
since first discovering this back in

You will also get the chance to sell
one of his proven products, as if it
was your own and you get to keep
100% of the profits when you do.

Oh, and I think the best thing of all
is that you also get to start building
a list of buyers with this product as

Chris has you covered on this one.

He has included everything you’re
going to need… and more…

To reserve your place, while you still
can, go to this page now:

Chris not only shows you how this
works using Clickbank, but he also shows
some of his offers, where he actually
gives away products in order to get
monthly paying customers – this is stuff
that you definitely don’t want to miss
out on…

Here’s that link again: How To Make Money With Clickbank Set And Forget Systems




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