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Many of you already know how widely used auto blogging is and that there is also
some good money to be created using auto blogs. But when you look at all the
programs out there you will find that they all just about work the same. The way
these types of programs work is that they find an article on the Internet and
post it on your website for you. There is definitely a better way to go about
auto blogging and we will share that with you below. This brand new auto
blogging technique is known as “CB
Auto Blog
“, and it really is a new way to go about auto blogging.

As the name suggests this program will promote Clickbank products for you, by
developing blog posts relevant to the product and automatically publishing them
to your blog. Five minutes is almost all it is going to take you to get this
established and ready to start publishing Clickbank ads for you. You just need
to set this up once and be sure you configure the application for your niche.
After that’s completed you have nothing else to do since the software will do
everything for you.

This system will search Clickbank on a daily basis for the categories you choose
and find the newest merchandise. It does not just find products, but it also
searches for content that is relevant to that product to add to the post. And
the best part is that you will end up promoting products before most people even
know that there is a new product.

One more thing that I ought to mention about this product is that it is not
restricted to textual content as it will also pick up relevant images and
videos. This is one of the best things because this can help to make every
single post unique in the search engines eyes. This program will even make SEO
tags for the blog and also properly categorize each and every post. And of
course the hyperlinks that point to the Clickbank merchandise will automatically
be embedded with your affiliate link. You will soon learn that this is actually
the best and most complete auto blogging program out there.

You will also not have to go out and buy headers because you will receive 16+
headers to help you tailor your niche blog. The

WP Plugin
suite is an additional item that they provide to you so you can
make sure your entire blog is optimized and not just the actual posts. And on
top of that you will learn the very best ways to monetize your site so you can
make the most money possible.

$47 is the price tag for this program if you only have one blog that you want to
add this program to, but you also have an additional option. For those of you
planning to use this on 10 or even 100 niche blogs you can simply buy the $97
product which includes unlimited domains. And if your still not sure you’ll find
that there is a money back guarantee if your not satisfied. Basically what this
means is that you can use this program for 60 days and if for any reason you
feel this doesn’t live up to your expectations you simply ask for a refund.”CB Auto Blog


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