Granted, most online businesses never even think about creating an article directory as part of their overall marketing plan. We will talk about three points for creating and managing an article in the rest of this article. Article directories represent content, and that is what you need to really think about as an integral part of marketing your business. If you give it just a little thought, you will see the benefits. There is much to be gained by having this kind of ancillary content site. It will just be a powerful component in your marketing and advertising efforts.

You will obviously need to find a very good domain name that people can easily remember. We do realize that finding a great domain name is challenging. If you be patient and keep looking, you will find something you like that fits well. Do not overlook the fact that you probably want the term “articles” also in the name. Then if you want to build a more targeted directory, then be sure there is enough traffic volume to justify it. You want to have the ability to rank highly for your keywords in a directory, so that is another consideration to remember. One very important thing to do is install a reliable script for tracking people coming into and leaving your site. We suggest you avoid anything that is free and not very feature rich. You will be able to make smart changes based on the information supplied by tracking your visitors. If you want a robust tracking application that is free, then there is Google’s Analytics program to look at. For something like an article directory, that may be a wise move. But you may not want to use that simply because of your personal feelings about Google. Statcounter is used by very many people and could be worth your time to investigate.

You will discover that after your site is live, then it will be much less hassle to manage it. Be sure to take the planning stage seriously because it can make the rest proceed a lot easier.

It is just that planning can prevent so many undesireable things far down the line that you will regret. It can be a huge mess if you have to make big changes later that could have been avoided with better planning. Creating and managing an article directory is well worth the effort for your business. There are tons of good things that come with it, so we suggest you give it a serious consideration. Just remember the key is proper and thorough research on your part. Your seo efforts will also be much easier and more fruitful when everything is planned out right from the beginning.


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