Writing a sales copy that gets you the orders

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is all about knowing
your product, your market, your customers, etc. However, many times even
after putting in a lot of effort, you don’t seem to get the kind of response
that you should. The underlying issue is that plenty of copywriters make
errors that are quite common, knowingly or unknowingly. This article will
look at some of these errors to help improve your results.

Your writing should never have a negative tone to it, as it goes against
what you’re trying to do. So keep the tone as positive as you can. A good
way to go about this is to go through your copy and replace any negative
words with more positive ones. For instance, don’t use words like
‘difficult’ or ‘confusing’ but say ‘simple’ and ‘crystal clear’. Negative
words have their place, such as in your title, but they should only be used
when you’re trying to get people to feel fear, anger, or curiosity. Your
copy’s goal should be to effect people positively. You have to give the
reader a good feeling about the product and the overall experience. It’s
necessary that your prospects feel good about the entire process. If you’ve
left out the testimonials from your sales copy, you have just made another
popular copywriting mistake. Before buyers purchase products with a credit
card, they want to know the transaction is legitimate. You can’t blame them
because there are many scams going around on the web, so everybody wants to
be careful. That’s why it’s important to have testimonials from others who
may have bought and used your products in the past. Having testimonials in
your copy has always proved to make more sales and using them will help you
sell more. Psychologically speaking, people are always influenced by others’
positive experiences. If you can get the top people in your industry to
leave their positive stories, and to stand behind what you’re offering,
people will be more likely to buy. Make sure that you don’t use fake
testimonials because people nowadays can smell out anything false. Include
only those testimonials that are full of details and that are based in fact.
It’s also a good idea to have audio testimonials along with the pictures of
people giving them. People will be more trusting of you if you do this.

Proper positioning of the price of your product in the sales copy is very
important. Telling your potential clients the price of the product right
from the beginning is a mistake you want to avoid because it will ruin any
curiosity they may have had and they won’t read through the rest of the
sales copy and will just leave. Show them what you’re offering and give them
the benefits before actually telling them how much the product costs.
However, you need to make sure the price is clear when you do mention it.
Don’t hide it in your copy in such a way that your prospect finds it
difficult to notice it. You need to make sure it’s clear and stands out, at
the right time of course.

In short, it takes a lot of effort to craft out a good sales copy but don’t
let it all go to waste, try and stay away from the mistakes we discussed.

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Be Careful of These Popular Copywriting Mistakes

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