Are You Making these Common Link Building Mistakes?

Backlinks are the bread and butter of any site that gets search engine traffic.
Every person who has knowledge of SEO knows this because getting higher ranking
equals to more visitors and the more visitors you have, the more you earn.
That’s exactly why many don’t mind spending a big chunk of money on purchasing
backlinks. Getting better rankings can be as easy as finding a backlinking
service and getting your link on a few high pagerank sites. For those who don’t
have the money to pay for these types of backlinks, you can get them on your
own. Getting backlinks at no cost, just by sheer hard work is the easiest and
the most ethical ways to increase your Google Pagerank. With proper research and
an effective use of time, you can start getting backlinks from hundreds of
authority websites, which will pass on their page rank to your page.

Since the whole link building process for free takes a lot of time, many SEO
companies don’t indulge in it. This leaves more room for the small guys, who can
leverage the power of free backlinks. This works really well but you really need
to be sure that you aren’t getting backlinks from a site that can hurt your
rankings. Adding your site’s URL to low value sites will suck up a lot of your
time. So, avoid these common mistakes that follow so you can catapult your site
to the first page.

Many people forget or don’t know that the anchor text that you use for backlinks
can either help or hurt your ranking. The high PR of a site along with good
content will definitely give you a good backlink, but when the anchor text is
something like “Buy Now!” or “Learn More!” – it’s of no use at all. So, a simple
SEO rule to remember is to always use your main keywords as anchor text when
backlinking. This is yet another easy way to make your SEO link building more

Furthermore, you should never link to any sites that has a bad reputation
because it will carry over to your site.

Placing those types of links on your site will send off “red flags” that you
condone and endorse that type of behavior. This is why before you even make the
effort to link to any site, you must check their reputation.

When your site becomes more popular and gets higher rankings in the search
engines; you will be made offers to place links on your site: if the site is
ethical and reputable then go ahead but if they are unethical then don’t take
the offer under any circumstances.

A site with a bad reputation can also hurt your site if you have a link on your
site to it. In other words, the site, which used to be on a decent scale, starts
to run adult ads and other racy content. Your reputation is on the line so be
careful where your outbound links lead the search engines to. Relevent backlinks
can have your site going strong on the first page of any search engine so it is
well worth your time to do it correctly. A little patience and concentrating on
quality links will make your site a powerhouse on the first page.

Are You Making these Common Link Building Mistakes?

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