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Video marketing is currently thought to be important if you wish to be a successful marketer on the internet. As with many things on the internet, change
happens fast and YouTube, which is the most popular video sharing site, is a
good example of this. Alexa ranks websites for the amount of visitors and views
and YouTube, which was established in 2005, is at number three. Videos are going
onto the site literally each second and viewings are approximately a billion per
day, so YouTube is not going anywhere soon. So if you have never submitted a
video online yourself, you might want to try the online service provided by

A big hurdle in making a video is the fear of technology and today that can be
overcome with the help of Animoto. It cannot cater for each kind of video
presentation you may wish to produce but for certain it can help you to get
something online very quickly. It is a breeze to sign up for and you can try the
system out gratis although you are restricted to thirty seconds of video as a
non-paying user. The actual costs for the paid memberships are very reasonable
with the Pro level having the most features. The Animoto logo is not displayed
on a video when you are a pro member and so this is actually the right choice
when using it for business intents.

You will discover that to begin making a video is entirely simple. Before you
move on to the content of your video, you will be given several selections for
your background style. Images are necessary so that you can start the actual
video creation.

Animoto has its own selection you can select from or you can
upload photos from your own laptop including retrieving them from Facebook.

photos you use can be interspersed with text which is great for marketing.

Music is the next thing you can put in, with

having its own library you
can select from or music you have downloaded yourself can be used. If you decide
to go with the Animoto option, these are tracks you are allowed to use and you
can listen to clips before making your pick. It is a matter of finding a style
that suits what you are wanting to present and there is always the choice of
changing this if needed to prior to your video going public. The only thing that
is left to do now is to name your video and compose a description so that it can
be produced for you.

The Animoto page will change once the video is finished and you’ll get an email
from Animoto


stating your video has been created. The end result is a video of
high quality that may impress you when you consider how simple the whole process
was to follow. You can upload your video straight to YouTube at this point or if
you want to make some changes, you can choose to do that also.

Animoto is not at all hard to use and a great way to get started putting some
videos online.


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